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Interesting idea, but the battle system seems a bit over-complicated. Maybe a learn-by-doing tutorial section would be more useful. Still, cool idea. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Really great. I'd like to buy the full version, but can't find the place to do just that. It looks like subscribing on patreon is an option, but I'd just like to simply buy the game once at a flat price instead. Is that an option?

Wow, I was really surprised by how good this is. I suppose a minor complain now would be that you can't talk to Sam after her route is completed, but ignoring a few minor flaws like that it's really great.

do what you gotta do, homie

Nice idea, but has next to no actual content. Kinda surprised this was even released at all in its current state. Would like to see it expanded upon, though. There's potential here.

I might be missing something, but it seems all there is to this is holding down the mouse button. Still, I like the general idea, and if it were expanded upon I'd be really into it.


protecc the loli

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how the flip do i unlock the secret scene everyone's talking about.

no cursing allowed.

edit: nvm found it

Oh, wow. That was a simple fix. Thank you!

Version 0.5.25, any time I try to launch I get "Error: Could not load game data at path '.'. Is the .pck file missing?"

Frankly, I'm hesitant to call this game a masterpiece. I feel the gameplay's pacing was rather stop and go, preventing a good flow from being made. With that being said, however, the story is absolutely something I'll remember. It brought back memories of my first time playing Bioshock, with it's thought-provoking narrative and imaginative setting that reinforced the themes through mise-en-scene. This game displays a renowned understanding of Hegelian dialectics, and uses them to their fullest, with a full presentation of thesis and antithesis. The synthesis, however, is only implied, but it's still rather clearly brought across that the synthesis is actually the player themselves, bridging the gap between creator and created. A beautiful work of art that will be remembered for decades to come.

omg u got the actual dr phil to star in your game

Cool update, excited to see progress.

Can't figure out how to take off her panties though :P


Howdy, just following up a bit here. Have you found some sort of way to compress EC to upload it here, or are you focusing more on other things atm? Not trying to put any pressure on you, just checking up. Love your stuff.

Nice visuals, I feel like this holds potential. 

I'll be keeping an eye on it.


It's less specific instances of strange translation, but more just an awkwardness to the whole thing. All the characters speak in a very strange and unnatural way that doesn't sound human. Still, it's a really good game and I'm looking forward to more of it in the future!

Nice art and good choices, but the funky translation makes everything kinda awkward.

Great update, been playing it off and on since this one came out! It seems I'm having the same problem others are having with Kali's messager, though, in that you can't actually give it to her.

7/10 ign needs more crabwalking

although... as of now at least... it's not actually here. just this little placeholder page. not complaining or anything, but what exactly happened?

aww hell yee boi

Just so we're all on the same page, not real cash. You don't have to be a patreon sub or whatever. In game currency.

Love your Newgrounds work, great to see you've started doing as well!

I don't know exactly how to access the log, but I'm trying. I can only launch the game from WinRAR as far as I know.

So many great reviews and it seems right up my alley, i'm really trying to find a fix to this on my own but can't come up with anything. Any help would truly be appreciated.

Every time I launch the game, I get the error message saying "Error: could not load game data at path ' . ' .  Is the .pck file missing?"