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Hi Mark, wow, this is cool. If you knew this in 2000, you could have advertised it like "will provide free Updates for 23+ years". ^^

Still using Blitz3D frequently. There's too much bloatware around these days. I remember for a pretty long time Blitz3D used to fit on a 1.44 MB floppy. I used it recently for a terrain mesh generator that makes meshes for a WebGL engine. No way I'd have such a nice terrain in WebGL without Blitz3D.

All the best, Dieter

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Well, I did vaguely promise 'lifetime' updates!

I've been browsing the various incarnations of the Blitz websites lately (before the internet archive gets taken down...) and wow they were fun days - before all the 'monetization' bullshit crept into gaming. I should NEVER have got involved in the mobile scene, that sexy hardware was just too tempting though.

The 'mugshots' thread (from *22* years ago!) here especially bought back lots of warm fuzzy memories, possibly before even your time though?


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'monetization' is real bullshit...

What's about the 'lifetime' updates? When will Vulkan be included?  :)

Im joking... )

UPD: By the way, I looked at your sources and really find a Vulkan in one of the projects ...

Hi Mark! Sorry for responding so late. I was kind of roaming the prairie in spring time. I hope you're fine! Yes indeed those were great times. I must have been there already since a few years, I remember threads about the towers in the forum in 2001. I guess, like in all industries politics began to play important roles, in order to get crazy funding that would wipe any competition from the market. Like Unity, that cost 2 billions so far, but cashed in way less. Investors primarily wanted to monopolize, as that promised more control over a new medium. Anyway, in my view.

Being literally senior programmer by now, I tend to follow more of a Guru approach. I think it was Confucius who said "The wise man is sitting at the river shore, and the sooner or later the dead body of his enemy is floating by". Not that I had any enemies tho - I have authorities ^^ well you know me, always on the brink of a coup d'etat. 

Take care, yet have a wonderful time!


I come to the conclusion that any undertaking, enterprise or company can be destroyed with a lot of money. A lot of money attracts crooks and usually does not give a place for specialists.

Perhaps of course I'm wrong...