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This was only meant to be external.  I should make a medieval interior pack.  You'd have to implement a screen fade when entering buildings though.

Textures are down the road.  Partial waiting for Assetforge to support custom textures.

It doesn't have to be a screen fade! You could get all clever about it and make the doorway a portal! Awesome work by the way! MAST is so intuitive!

Thanks man about MAST.  It's about to get some major updates. 

As far as the village kit, I will be releasing a new version sometime in the new few months.  The walls will be 2-sided.  It will include inside and outside props as well

Looking forward to the update, I used it last night and it was a pleasure to use. My one gripe is there is no(or I could not find) a hotkey for rotating. Keep up the excellent work!


Space bar to rotate.  You can adjust the hotkeys in MAST settings