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The mechanics are seriously amazing and the levels are interesting too.

The character controller feels a good bit too floaty which the level design doesn't use at all, so it is just there ending up as something you gotta get used to. It isn't really much more floaty than the mario series, however I would recommend staying less floaty than those games unless you specifically wanna use that floatiness.

The other critique I have is that it is just too short. I know that's a given for jam games, but that results in the mechanics just being hard to get used to. you could've thrown in a few very easy levels just to introduce the base mechanics (if possible by time of course). And furthermore I just really liked the levels the game had and would've enjoyed more of them (to be honest maybe only if the floatiness and next point were fixed).

Another personal annoyance are the Keybindings, they are so scattered around it gets physically annoying to do. I personally am used to moving with the arrow keys and having z/yxc as action keys. That seperates action from movement with your hands and doesn't leave the thumb pressing the spacebar, which is just located far away from the other buttons and can feel really bad to press depending on keyboard.

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Hey, thanks for playing and I really apreciate your critigue. I also remade the game because of whacky game jam code and I also keep working on it. I also made the jump a little less floaty already, I like how it is now, but I may increase the fall gravity a bit more. I personaly think that it should be at least a little floaty so you can time your actions better while falling. I also plan to make an Input map where you can make your own keybinds (however the current keybinds with the right hand just on the arrow keys worked pretty good for me, but yeah different hands and different keyboards i guess). There also is controller support. More levels (also with different mechanics using the 4 directional actions) and a chapter system thing will also be there.

I just retried it, and I felt the controls were already a lot more usable. Either the update to the jump had a good effect, or it is just me being properly awake this time around. I still have a bit of an issue with the jump, but I can't pinpoint it.

When I originally referenced the jumps floatieness I think I was referring to how you speed up and slow down. Though I am no longer of that impression. 

About the keybindings, yeah rebindeable is the best. But when writing that I was also under the assumption that  using arrow keys was more common, but after playing some more titles I've found enough games that do it the same way that I am now searching for a quick key remapper. There's just too many games here that don't have the time to implement a remapper and too many that disagree with me on optimal keybindings, so I should find a workaround on my side. 

Well I think I might confused you (or me) a bit ;) I’m making like a new version of the game and I think I gonna make a new page for it when it’s ready. So there was no update to the game on this page. So I think you was more awake this time :D