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I just retried it, and I felt the controls were already a lot more usable. Either the update to the jump had a good effect, or it is just me being properly awake this time around. I still have a bit of an issue with the jump, but I can't pinpoint it.

When I originally referenced the jumps floatieness I think I was referring to how you speed up and slow down. Though I am no longer of that impression. 

About the keybindings, yeah rebindeable is the best. But when writing that I was also under the assumption that  using arrow keys was more common, but after playing some more titles I've found enough games that do it the same way that I am now searching for a quick key remapper. There's just too many games here that don't have the time to implement a remapper and too many that disagree with me on optimal keybindings, so I should find a workaround on my side. 

Well I think I might confused you (or me) a bit ;) I’m making like a new version of the game and I think I gonna make a new page for it when it’s ready. So there was no update to the game on this page. So I think you was more awake this time :D