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  • How are the new proximity cues? I like the idea a lot. I do find that it makes me scan less, which might be a bad thing because it means I might miss area-dependent perceptions. I think that’s not really the game’s fault though.

  • Is it easier to locate collectibles with audio alone? Yes

  • Are the new cues too annoying or demanding of your attention? No

  • How is the overall audio mix? Pretty decent overall. I’d like to see the lock-on tone come up a bit. Not the initial pop-up, but the steady FM tone perhaps about 3dB

  • Are the collectibles and environmental sounds more audible? Yes

  • Does the music feel more reactive to your input? I never thought there was a problem with this. On a long fall from max height, I do get a bit of crackling though as the music changes very rapidly.

  • How well are the upgrades balanced? Fine, I’d say.

  • Do higher levels feel like super powers? My suit isn’t maxed, though I have the core and bionics sections maxed. The subsystems of thrusters and RCS are between 3-5 currently. No,I don’t think so, and I don’t think my opinion will change when it is all maxed.

Are the material costs worth the time investment? yes

Do you anticipate that the new passive upgrades coming in Side C will make this easier? yes, but, I was a bit underwhelmed with the attractors in E.X.O. What I’m hoping to see here is a refinement on that idea with a grab-on sound, a loop or continuous tone when pulling, and a sound when the item is collected. Even when fully maxed, the range wasn’t that good and the speed was pretty bad. I could easily get to items before the attractors did, rendering them moot.

Are you excited for the future of this project beyond Side C? Most definitely.


I want to make an amendment, something I’d forgotten about until today. The drift sound is considerably louder than the normal reactor sound and makes it difficult to keep focus on an item since the tone drowns it out. What I have to do is listen between the beating of the drift tone.

I might also recommend rolling off the volume as the speed decreases. A good model for this is the reverse gear of a manual transmission car, which is straight cut rather than helical cut like the rest of the gears, so you hear the whine more. Backing up, then letting off the throttle, the whine will lower in pitch, and as the vehicle’s speed drops, the volume of the whine does as well.

Right now, if you hold the drift key and are at a dead stop, you’ll hear a low drone, which I think should not be present until the suit’s wheels begin to rotate and it starts picking up speed.

To my way of thinking, the drift tone should be slightly quieter than the reactors, as, by my understanding, the reactors ramp up to provide power for the suit to move.

If the above sounds like a bit much, I understand. I would just ask that the volume of the tone should be lowered.


Thanks so much for taking this thread seriously and providing so much feedback. I appreciate your time spent playing and writing this up.

I’m starting to get back into the project. My immediate priority is to prepare the demo for Steam Next Fest, beginning June 19. There should be an update with some changes around then. After that, I’ll definitely be tweaking things as I continue working toward the Side C release.