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I want to make an amendment, something I’d forgotten about until today. The drift sound is considerably louder than the normal reactor sound and makes it difficult to keep focus on an item since the tone drowns it out. What I have to do is listen between the beating of the drift tone.

I might also recommend rolling off the volume as the speed decreases. A good model for this is the reverse gear of a manual transmission car, which is straight cut rather than helical cut like the rest of the gears, so you hear the whine more. Backing up, then letting off the throttle, the whine will lower in pitch, and as the vehicle’s speed drops, the volume of the whine does as well.

Right now, if you hold the drift key and are at a dead stop, you’ll hear a low drone, which I think should not be present until the suit’s wheels begin to rotate and it starts picking up speed.

To my way of thinking, the drift tone should be slightly quieter than the reactors, as, by my understanding, the reactors ramp up to provide power for the suit to move.

If the above sounds like a bit much, I understand. I would just ask that the volume of the tone should be lowered.