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These broken berries sounds like you've run into an error loading up your previous save file (possibly related to my previous post). Have a look at the contents of the log file for any errors or, if it's small enough, send the log file here and I'll take a look.

Yes, I suspect you are right about the save file being corrupted, probably while trying to save to a disk with not enough space on it. I just started a new game and that solved them problem.

I looked up the log file, and it has about 45 lines of generic looking messages involving buffers and files, then these two lines:

Graphics.CopyTexture can only copy between same texture format groups (OpenGL internal formats: src=35905, blockSize=3 ; dst=32856, blockSize=4)
(Filename:  Line: 1384)

Over and over and over for 15gb, lol.

Now that I know where it is, I can delete is easily when I need to, thanks :-)

Yeah I suspected that error might have been what was happening. Never seen a 15GB file though :)

That bug will be fixed in the next release.