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Hello I have a bug! When a villager was hungry I tried to give them food but they keep saying; "No thank you". Then they keep continuing saying "I'm hungry.."! I think this is a bug.. If so, please fix it.

Hey Duckie,
Thanks for letting us know, we'll have that fixed ASAP! Thanks for playing!

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Also I have a question! When a bug is fixed or when a update occurs, do I have reinstall the game?  Also can you add an option to change your gender/mask?

Unfortunately you'll have to download the game every time we update the game. I'll be looking into ways around this in the future though!

At the moment we like to consider all the characters to be genderless, but we may add more character customization options to allow for more self-expression and gender identity :)


Yes sir! I hope other people can support you! :3