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Thanks a lot ctsoccer! I may not be releasing an update any time soon, but expect something much bigger and better in the future :)

Thanks for letting us know Nebulaxx!

We just added a save system! While we haven't been able to figure out the source of this specific bug yet, being able to save and load your game should help work around this.

Hey Koczkodan!

I have to agree with you. In the most recent update I adjusted the difficulties so that the player has a full squad regardless of which difficulty setting they choose, but I think this may have thrown off the balance too much. I'm thinking I may revert that design choice to bring back the original difficulty, but I also want to add something new with that update when I have time.

Thank you for playing!!

Hey Joey, thanks for letting us know! Does it always break at this point for you, or only sometimes? We've seen this before but have yet to replicate it.

Hey Yggdrasil! 

We've gotten a couple requests for a save system, so we'll definitely get that in when we can! As for demolishing, we haven't decided yet if we'll have the resources returned or respawned.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Thanks a lot CSpotRun! This video is so funny and cute, we love it!!

Hey SpeedRider!

First person mode would definitely be interesting! We're also hoping to add some more settings and customization in the future. Thanks a lot for playing :)

Thanks a lot Dokinim! We had some ideas for a main goal, as well as some more side content similar to how you described. Might be a bit before the next update, but if you have anymore suggestions we'd love to hear them!

Exiling villagers is actually something we wanted, but weren't sure about adding. We'll try give you some options ;)

Thanks IchihashiMaiden!

Thanks Ladeio! Saving is definitely something we have planned coming soon!

Thanks for letting us know MagicalMidgey! We'll come up with a solution for the next update :)

it come soonish S:J

Hi contraah!

If I'm not mistaken I think you can click the Download Now button a second time to donate. If not, I also have a patreon linked on my profile!

Thank you so much for the kind words and support! We're very happy you like the game :D

Thanks a lot Ariathena!! Glad you enjoyed!

Hey Mzai,

That's strange. Do you get stuck when you try talking to Jamu during the tutorial? Or is it afterwards?


Thanks a lot Eshkova! We'd love to see your video :)

Hey deleightful! That's a good idea, we had something similar in mind for a structure that helps manage groups of villagers, but hadn't gotten around to implementing it just yet. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Hi Lauro, nice to meet you :)

We hadn't planned on it, but we'll let you know if we end up adding translations. Thanks a lot!

Thanks Snipegatha! Animal Crossing was one of our inspirations!

Hey Sammy,

At the moment it's undecided how far we'd like go to with the game. We'd love to make a full release, but it may be a while before we decide as a team if we'd like to implement all the features we had planned.

We're glad you're interested though :)

Thanks a lot Cryptic Hybrid, it was fun watching you explore the game and figuring everything out! Thanks for playing!


Thanks a lot Slemhosta! Glad you enjoy it!

Hey Jimii,
Do you mean like a laptop track pad? It should work- unless you're having issues with left and right clicking for the bow.

Thanks a lot for the feedback tenchfroast! Always love seeing your videos :).

That was awesome! Really glad you enjoyed the game, Captain! 

Hey deew,
Thanks! Adding different enemy types is definitely something I'm interested in. You'll most likely see some type of new enemy in the not-so-distant future :)

Hey nissaito,
At the moment there's no undo for mask painting, but I'll see what I can do to add it to the next update! Thanks a lot for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Unfortunately you'll have to download the game every time we update the game. I'll be looking into ways around this in the future though!

At the moment we like to consider all the characters to be genderless, but we may add more character customization options to allow for more self-expression and gender identity :)

Thanks a lot ArguedGlobe, glad you enjoyed!

Hey Duckie,
Thanks for letting us know, we'll have that fixed ASAP! Thanks for playing!

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Hi Melodi!
We've been hearing this is happening to quite a few people, but it is definitely not intended. We're looking into it and will hopefully be fixing it very soon. Sorry Jamu is being so rude :( but thanks for playing!

Edit: Should be fixed now!

Thanks a lot GooseFat!
We considered letting the player have different animal head shapes at one point- maybe we'll bring it back :O. Really glad you enjoyed it, we hope to update it more soon :)!

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Had to delay it a bit, but it'll be out later today :).

Got the chance to try this game at the Level Up showcase and I'm glad it's available for download! A fun cooperative puzzle platformer that encourages a lot of teamwork and problem solving. What really brings the game together is the amazing art style and level design. You can tell the developers have a lot of experience with these kinds of games and really knew what they were doing.

Hey Shadow,
Wow, thanks for the feedback! Those are all really awesome ideas, I definitely agree with most of them and may be able to act on some of them with the upcoming update.  Honestly, I get the "more maps, more weapons, more units" feedback often but I never get tired of hearing it because it reassures me that the game should go in that direction. Plus I like hearing peoples ideas for weapons and stuff, it's interesting. I'd really like to add a narrative/campaign too, that's something I've put a bit of thought into.

If you have any other ideas or anything, feel free to let me know :). Thanks!

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Hi jzachattack,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to address a lot of the bugs and issues with an update I'm currently working on. There's a lot of cool features and content planned but not yet developed as I'm currently attempting to fund the game. If you have any suggestions feel free to visit the Discord server! Thanks a lot for playing :)!

A very charming and creative game :)

Hey Anakin, that's super awesome to hear! I had honestly been considering making a Discord server, but was worried the game might not warrant it- but after your comment, I've decided to create one and link in the description :).

Thanks again for the kind words, I appreciate it!

Hey Overkill! Sorry about the late response. I haven't figured out definitive system requirements, but you should be fine with a decent video card. You can also turn down the quality settings from the main menu- if you're playing online I recommend leaving lighting quality on high.