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Hey Alex,

I think the issue may be because I built the Mac version on a Windows PC. I'm going to try fix this, but for now you can try this:



Thanks for your quick reply!! I still cannot get it to work sadly. I did do a quick dive into the files and there might be an issue with the ../contents/resources/data/managed directory. All the files in there are .dll files, which Macbooks can't read -_-

Anyways hope that helps a little! And good luck, looking forward to playing the game :D

Thanks for the help Alex! I'll let you know if I'm able to fix it!

OS Catalina seems to be a struggle to develop for, even installing Unity is a challenge LOL

Hey Alex, sorry this response is so late, but I believe I've figured out the solution! You can find it in a reply to one of the latest comments.


I tried it and it's working :D Thank you so much!!