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Thank you very  much! I wish you good luck on developing! :D

ELLOOO! I loved the game so much I decided to make fan art kinda related to it! I created this on the most worst software for art.. MS PAINT! It was really stressful so I used my finger on most of the art since my device is touch-screen! Here you gooo!

Oh I see! I'm sorry for wasting your time! TwT

Uh.. When I decided to play the game again it said something was missing even though I have though I have the game engine..

Yes sir! I hope other people can support you! :3

KAWAII-DESUUUUUUUU!!! FINALLY I FOUND A CUTE GAME THATS NOT SHORT AND DOESN'T HAVE ITS OWN RTP!!! I HAVE COMPLETED MAH MISSIONNNN!!! At first, I didn't even see the game! I finally found the holy grail to my mission I just need to delete some unwanted history on google! And deleting unwanted history gives a lot of storage! The art is pretty good! In my mind I was like; "Oh no.. The screenshots.. THIS IS GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF MY STORAGE ISN'T IT?!" Then I saw the download and I was like; "I'm ded and alive. And happy. I'm stuck in purgatory." Thank the heavens for this bootiful game. :} (SOZ IF THIS IS A LOT TO READ!!)

WHY DOES EVERY SHORT GAME I SEE THAT'S AN RPG MAKER TAKE SO MUCH STORAGE AND HAVE NO RTP VERSION- Oh! *Ahem* I liked it very much the ending is too rushed though.. I suggest making it have different endings, and for the rushed ending, I understand you had to do that since you have a deadline in game jams.. But since the game jam is over, I suggest making some more endings and exploration options.

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I liked it very much! Is it possible to make a "No RTP" version? I would appreciate it if you made it!

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Also I have a question! When a bug is fixed or when a update occurs, do I have reinstall the game?  Also can you add an option to change your gender/mask?

Hello I have a bug! When a villager was hungry I tried to give them food but they keep saying; "No thank you". Then they keep continuing saying "I'm hungry.."! I think this is a bug.. If so, please fix it.

I downloaded this and showed it to my friend. She kept walking and walking and said "I LOVE THIS GAMEEEEEE!!!". I don't know why..

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KAWAII KAWAII KAWAII!!! ITS SO CUTEE!! Although the first ending I achieved wasn't so kawaii.. Also the last one TvT Also I saw some files that aren't for the game.. Is that normal? For example I saw a file called "thunder"

I LOVE IT! The art style and atmosphere reminds me of Walt Disney! R.I.P Walt TwT

I NED THIS!! But my storage is too small for it because of all the stuff windows 10 already has. TwT

Why do I see you everywhere TvT

I absolute love this game and twisted fairy tales! I was a little worried about my game engine but it ran smoothly! The programming and coding was well and the pixel art looked nice especially the colors. Great game Meaka!

Hello Sadbunnystudio. You made a great job making this! I suppose you made this with an RPG-Maker engine which is very obvious. With that out of the way, may you make an "No RTP" version? I would appreciate it.

I looveee itt! Buut is it okay if you make an no RTP version? I would appreciate it! Sayonara!

Oh. It does not say "header not found" and it did not freeze at the same time. No, I am not on win7 I'm on win10. But if this is all fixed is it possible for you to make an no RTP version? I would appreciate it.

Why is the title reminding me of another game.. OH! Hello Lazy! If you created this game with an RPG/RTP engine(I expect you to), please make an version without it! So if you do we'll just have to download the an engine! Like RPG VX ACE! I'm sorry if this is like, calling you dumb.. But please make it if you can!

Hello Rooftops, I enjoyed the game very much. But, If you made this game with an RPG/RTP Maker Engine can you make a no RTP version? If you don't know what that means, the no RTP version dosen't contain the engine in the .zip and you have to download the actual engine for it. For example; RPG VX ACE. I'm sorry if you think I'm calling you dumb..

Ah, I see :p

For a second tho, I thought the MC's name was Natsuki. I enjoyed the game though!

Hello! I absolute love the game! Buut may I ask if you can add a windows version if that's possible? I know this project got canceled or dropped out but is it okay for a windows version?

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Help mehh I dont know which .zip to download @~@. Oh wait nevermind! I know now TwT

HOW COME EVERY SHORT STORY I FIND TAKES SOO MUCH STORAGE?! Buuut I liked it very much! The colors fits the atmosphere and I love the art!

I love the game! The art was nice and the animation is nice and smooth! I kept saying no on the bad parts. :p Buut I don't know how to get ending 3 T3T I only got 2 endings so far

I love the details in the art! It's really nice! The colors also fit the atmosphere, same with the music! Everything was a good fit! The Jellyfish girl is me in IRL! :p

When I saw how much data it takes I was thinking: How can something so short take so much storage?! @~@ 

But I enjoyed the game!

Yes it did return to normal. And the graphics we're kinda lowed down. But the speed has slowed down too. This is all I know.

I was on a laptop. Windows 10. I didn't use a browser I downloaded it.

When I played the game I was enjoying it until.. It froze. Then closed by itself. When I tried again it did the same thing I don't know what's happening. But please help me.

I was pretty sad when Moxie ruined the moment. Haha.  When Moxie looked different I was thinking; "Oh! She has contacts and she dyed her hair I get it!" but, that's just my guest. In the end I was SHOCKED! And pretty sad after their hard work. Sadly, when I saw "TO BE CONTINUED" I was sad. Now It's 2019.. Still now sequel. I'm still eager to download it. But, it's nowhere to be found.

Hello! When I started playing the game and got into the video it was glitching. The video was itself was glitching and the sounds of it was glitching too since it was glitching it was slower. Please fix it!

Hiiii! I played the game and it was amazing! I love the art! Even the ones you didn't made x3 Anyways I hope you continue doing something like this! Keep up the nice work Caliburn Studio!


This is your gift! Get it cuz it's GiF? Never mind TvT

This is... AMAZING! I love everything! People say I'm young but I'm not. TvT But wat they don't know is.. I. LOVE. GORE. I'm a little evil kiddo >:3 Keep up the good work 97Circle!



I love this! I really love it! The art, everything it's all beautiful! Thank you for creating this nkt v2! Keep up the good work!


And You deserve this GIF:

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Hello. So I downloaded this game and I enjoyed it! The art style is cute and simple! I didn't like that there was a lot of talking haha! Nice job npckc!


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Hello! I played this game and it's really nice. I also studied some of the files and I will continue to do so. The art looks really nice especially the nice art.  Keep it up!