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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One

Fight for justice in a world where all anime genres exist at once! · By Tanuki-sama Studios

Problems & Bugs (v1.0) Sticky Locked

A topic by Tanuki-sama Studios created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 576 Replies: 8
This topic was locked by Tanuki-sama Studios Jul 16, 2019

Version 2.0 is currently available, so we're replacing this with a new topic.

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Developer (1 edit)

Please list any problems you find with NALE v1.0!


  • During cross-examination, sometimes the game does not loop around to the initial statement after reaching the end of the statements. Unsure of cause, but you can hear the menu/UI working when you press the keys; just the message boxes aren't visible. May be an RPG Maker bug rather than NALE.
  • The intro video may stutter/fail on low-spec hardware. Unfortunately there is no remedy for this problem; please advise me if you experience it as I'd like to provide low-tier hardware specs.
  • The social buttons on the title screen do not currently work on the webpage/HTML5 version (they only work in the downloaded version). This was a plugin bug; the plugin creator has already fixed this (thanks!) but I haven't been able to upload a fix yet; I'll do this just before I release Chapter 2.

Hello! When I started playing the game and got into the video it was glitching. The video was itself was glitching and the sounds of it was glitching too since it was glitching it was slower. Please fix it!


Hi DuckieChan, thanks a bunch for letting me know that you're having those problems!

Can you please give me a few details so I can look into it?

What sort of hardware were you on? (computer, tablet, phone...), ideally telling me what model or roughly what spec.

If you were playing in browser, what browser were you using and what operating system were you using?

I was on a laptop. Windows 10. I didn't use a browser I downloaded it.


Thanks! What sort of spec is it? Processor, RAM, graphics etc.?

Also, did the game return to normal when the video ended?

Thanks again for this.

Yes it did return to normal. And the graphics we're kinda lowed down. But the speed has slowed down too. This is all I know.



Unfortunately, it may just be the specification of your computer. While RPG Maker MV makes games that look a bit like SNES RPGs, it actually has reasonable system requirements in order to run smoothly.

If you can tell me anything else about your computer's specification, that would be very useful.

The social buttons on the main menu just give an error.
(other than that, I didn't find any bugs!)


Thanks a bunch for reminding me about this!

Just so you're aware; I'm going to upload a newer build of Chapter 1 just before Chapter 2 comes out, which will contain a bunch of a small fixes and quality-of-life improvements, of which this is one.

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