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I've also noticed that there was actually a late entry. Super Quantum Mutants got submitted at "16:10:46" according to the submission feed. Judging by the other timestamps and time left stats, it seems that the feed's time is in UTC+0, meaning this submission was almost 11 minutes late.

I don't want to bash on their work or anything, as their game is pretty great, but itch doesn't seem to do a very good job on actually enforcing the game jam rules by the looks of it (which always gets icky when combined with prizes and ratings...).

Quite surprising there aren't any competitors when it comes to community-powered game jams :)

There definitely are other options for community game jams, but it's often up to the facilitators to decide how strict they are going to be on things. Some game jams have very strict rules about asset sourcing, boilerplate code, submission deadlines, etc. Others are really open about the details and just want to see people make games.

Indeed, we chose itch purely due to it being one of the easiest ways to host a jam. The Super Quantum Mutants however was an exception. They submitted on time, but had issues getting it to accept their game. For some reason itch didn't like their link. I discussed it with them at the time, and I made a special link for them to submit - something game jam hosts can do. I can confirm that their 11 minute late submission was exactly the same as what they tried to submit 2 minutes before time was up.

Given that situation it sounds like the right thing to do :) thanks for clearing it up, though! I was just curious.