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There definitely are other options for community game jams, but it's often up to the facilitators to decide how strict they are going to be on things. Some game jams have very strict rules about asset sourcing, boilerplate code, submission deadlines, etc. Others are really open about the details and just want to see people make games.

I had meant to include more regular updates--oops!

Well, the game is finished now. You can find it here:

The source code is also available here:

As is typical with game jams, there were so many features I had to cut as the deadline drew closer.

What was different for me though was the type of work. Normally for game jams I try to choose a game concept that will allow me to split my time between art and coding. For this project, I was working on coding/game design basically the entire time. I ended up not having a truly playable prototype until about 36 hours in (while I normally aim for ugly, working prototype by 8 hours), so I was very nervous.

The biggest problem with it right now in terms of gameplay is balance. The underlying concepts are good, but I just didn't have enough time to get a really good handle on how easy/hard it will feel for other players.

There are also some technical problems. Some of the bitmap/texture manipulation I'm doing doesn't seem to work on certain browsers. In the best cases, this just means the floor texture might be missing. In the worst case, it might mean a giant black rectangle covers the entire playable area. >_<

Anyway, comments are welcome!

Making steady progress, but I still don't have a real playable demo! Breaking all my own game jam rules this time :-/

Making decent progress getting stuff on screen and understanding Phaser better. Unfortunately, I'm having a lot of trouble with BitmapData and the documentation not matching what's acutally available.

I'll probably have to scope back the features in order to get decent progression balance done on day 2.

I'll post progress here.

I've currently decided on a concept for the game and the engine I'm going to use ( Both the game engine and concept are new ground for me.

I'm also livestreaming my progress here: Come say "hi"!

Sounds fun.

Any guidance around asset sourcing?

I've done the Ludum Dare 48 compo a few times and they're pretty specific about what outside resources are allowed (e.g. ).

Also, similar question regarding groups. Are we allowed and/or encouraged to work in groups?