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True and Iuckily already found out about a new one which looks really promising. It is called Notes of Cards. Sadly not for mobile devices available. Aaand here's another one called Lunar, seems also promising. Now I know there also exists The Butterfly Dream (TBD). Because of all these youtubers I find out about new VN's almost hourly... ^

If I have new onse I'll text them. There are also Amorous and Lovers of Aether.

And don't forget to check out “Dirk the Red Panda“ or/and UkeKooki for a kind of voice acting. Deckerlink is famous in this scenario.

I finally finished a couple of routes in Echo, but some are just... Confusing. Mainly Carl's so far, holy shit.

I got the to be continued on TJ and Flynn, which made me sad (I'm not a fan of unfinished routes, honestly... Not that patient). I'm on Leo's right now and I'll see if Jenna has one next. Also gonna go back and explore Flynn's a bit more. Something about the complicated characters I just can't get over.

But apparently TJ's route was finished in build 0.36, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll have to look those up too.

... I was the one who recommended Amorous, haha. Still bugs me one of those routes didn't have more to it, but meh.

Did you at least enjoy playing it? In my opinion it's just so good, except the bad ending. A game like this needs some positiv aspects or else it's no good...

I especially don't like how the characters develop. Do you think it was relatively horrific? In my opinion it was or maybe just this ending I played? I only played one route for now.

I actually found out about a new VN, again, it's called Kiligan's Treasure and it is about a, well, monster in a small town that happens to loose everything. The story of it begins quite nicely. Although the art is okay.

In Amorous? Can't play that game yet.

There are still 3 to 4 games I want to play before I buy a Laptop.

I enjoyed playing it, but it took a huge toll on my mental health. I didn't even realize it until I was on my final route. It's just so dark. I didn't really find it horrific in a scary sense, just dark.

I don't remember which route you said you played. I've played all of them now, but Flynn's route isn't finished yet. Neither is Jenna's.

TJ's ending upset me a lot. I got his so-called "good ending" but it wasn't that good to me.

My favorite ending was Leo's good ending. Leo's route so far also is the most dark, showing you the true depravity of the town of Echo.... I'm guessing this is the route you played?

I suspect Flynn doesn't have a great "good ending" either. 

I've heard of Kiligans Treasure. I'll have to hunt that down too.

Ah, I know. I was just lamenting.

Oh yes, I believe you that Leo's route is the darkest one. It is the route I played. I didn't even know that the others are available as routes, it didn't seem like it. (I know I said that before)

So, you had the ending were Chase looses his legs and after this accident (...) he wokes up beside Leo in Leo's bed and Leo says he loves him amd will protect him or so something. This is pretty much everything.

This is so surreal and unrealistic and unlogic. That's what I dislike about this VN. Not only that scene of course.

I don't quite see the difference between “darkness“ and “horror“. if you mean that their minds get tortured and not their bodies, something like that, then I agree. It is as if they were in a simulation of some kind, captured in their own brains. I have no idea how to describe it. The whole story, city and characters seem almost, yes, surreal. There's a possibility that Echo is seperated from the real world in a way, like in Blackgate and Stranger Things too and once they are there they can't leave. Another idea would be Chase is only dreaming, though this “solution“ is too boring and lame. The developers could also say Echo is cursed, idk.

Echo _is_ really dark. It focuses on horror and not a love story.

In my opinion Adastra is much better anyway, what I wrote on their Patreon side. I tried to make it look like I appreciate the work and creativity, what I do, but think it is not what the fans want to see. (No one responded...)

I do wonder how the developers came to the conclusion let's do a completely different type of genre in our next game with actual funny characters and sence.

The artstyle of the characters in Kiligan's Treasure is very cartoony.

I wonder what other things will happen in and around Echo, their universe. Since Echo is finished (I am nearly certain about it) the only option we have are more prequels/sequels. I think it would make sence if the prequel would be just like the main game, but with different characters and events. Although I don't think it would turn out any better.

I don't have much faith in this game.

I -like- Echo, it's just mentally and emotionally draining to read.

That wasn't the ending I was talking about lol. The good ending on Leo's route is actually where you tell him you're breaking up. My soul was uplifted with that story's ending.

Who you choose to follow when Flynn blows up at everyone is where you choose a route. Sit by Carl, it's Carl's route. Find TJ, TJ's route. Follow Jenna and Leo, you choose one of them based on how you respond when Jenna tells you to talk to Leo. Flynn's is more eye opening about his character, at least to me.

I saved right before choosing who to follow so I could just load it up and choose a different route. I do that before the seemingly important choices, such as endings as well because that could switch from the good or bad ending depending on what you choose.

Carl's route is also really dark, FYI. Not to the extent as Leo's, but still dark.

I see 'dark' as in mentally straining. Depressing.

Horror is more suspenseful for me, with supernatural beings... Which Echo is sort of horror considering that, but it's not scary horror... If that makes sense. 

They did say Echo is cursed, but after doing Leo's route (which I saved next-to-last) I think what they're dealing with is aliens. They never explicitly say what the characters are seeing, so it's up to the reader's interpretation. Is it angry ghosts? Demons? Aliens? Their mind playing tricks on them? It's your choice.

Adastra... Hmm... I like the slow romance, but I'm not a fan of the plot. I like Amicus and Alex, and the MC is okay. I don't like the other characters so far though. I want more information about the characters than they're giving me. I may like it better when it's further updated.

I think it's cool they went for comedy after horror though. Either they're stretching their wings and showing they can do more, or they just need a light hearted reprieve from the emotionally draining writing of Echo.

I want a sequel sooo bad, but more in the Dramatical Murder sense, where you choose a character and then their good or bad ending. I base that off of Leo's good ending, which I won't spoil because it sounds like you haven't read it yet.

-like- ? Okay... You don't like nor dislike?

Oh no sorry for spoilering you then. Does that mean there is no good ending for Leo's route, strange. It sounds like they break up with each other and Chase's soul gets uplifted?? Wth

Yes, that makes sence. I don't know why I didn't think about this earlier. I know which point in the story you mean, basically the beginning right? Where they all come together. I don't really care anyway. I liked the prequel and that's it. 

At least I want to see a good love story and some romance and not a dark storyline with aliens... Maybe we will get to know more about what is happening in a sequel or rather a prequel. In my opinion a prequel would make more sence. Everything started in the past, right?

That's what I meant. I think Echo is just like Stranger Things. The horror elements in that show aren't really horrific either, but dark/terrific (not horrific).

You don't like Cato and the others? If I was the MC I wouldn't like them too. They are somekind of not villain or anti-hero (of course not), but they seem to be against the “uplifting“ and the MC and other folks in general. They are a strong counterweight toward Amicus and I don't really see an issue with it. 

I have no idea what will happen next, though I think there is no other option than Amicus becoming emperor. Interesting would be if his brother becomes emperor instead and bans Amicus and the MC and they have to go back to earth or something. I really want to see a reaction of earth to Amicus's folk and interstellar travel. That would be hilarious.

It wouldn't make much sence, on the other hand it would be pretty boring if Amicus becomes emperor right away. And I still think the MC will see his family and friends again. Maybe it's just that Amicus becomes emperor and visits the MC every now and then. (Not a pleasing story ending in my eyes! We will see what we get.)

Maybe you find the story boring so far and compared to Echo it almost is tbh.

I still need to finish Blackgate for once. I hope it gets more interesting. It's not boring, but not particularly “perfect“ so far...

I have a love-hate relationship with Echo.

You're correct, there's no good ending where you end up with Leo. But that didn't bother me, especially after playing Route 65. I highly recommend replaying Leo's route (totally worth it to skip all the dialogue until the final choice of leaving Leo or staying with him) and choose to end the relationship. My soul was uplifted with that ending. Probably Chase's too, but you should make up your own mind.

On Flynn's route in Echo is that he says to Chase something about how Leo took advantage of him because he was so young when they started dating. That'sexactly what Leo did in Route 65. Here's this 15 year old kid who's just coming to terms with his sexuality and in swoops this manipulative, explosive (anger) college boy who controls every part of Chase's life. I didn't find Route 65 romantic at all, honestly... I've been in relationships with people like Leo. They're emotionally abusive. They alienate you from everyone you care about and force you to only be with them 24/7. They get jealous at the smallest things and will beat anyone they see as a threat. Leo doesn't love Chase. He sees him as a possession. He's like a trophy. He won't even let Chase leave when that's the only way for him to be happy in the long run, even if Leo was suggested to go with him.

I mean, Chase says they'll work it out, but Leo grabs him from the train and when Chase's feet get cut off he doesn't even get him medical treatment, he just holds the otter until he dies. I bet Leo turns into Norman Bates (Psycho the movie; Bates Motel the series) and keeps Chase's dead body around pretending he's still alive.

I imagine Adastra is going to be a romantic story. There's nothing dark about it. 

It does sound like they may do a prequel, but I'm not sure. This is based on Adastra being mentioned in Flynn's route in Echo. 

I just started Repeat. It's really interesting. It has dark elements, but it's not at Echo level darkness. I finished what's available of one route, 2-3 more to go. New updates should come this month. 

Project Aego seems to have been abandoned. No updates in 2 years. It's sad because it had great potential.

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No thank you, I won't play it again.

Really? I didn't know that they weren't even full age! Wow, that's really terrible. Maybe I over-read it somehow, still wasn't the beginning of their relationship in both interests? In Route 65 I mean. How old was Leo then? Was he already 18? Whatever...

I am pretty sure Chase survived in my ending, unless this ending was too confusing for me and I read it at night. I can't remember, but he was in Leo's bed after all.

What I agree with is he really turns into an idk mad man. 

Let's not talk about this more.

What do they say about Adastra in that route? Is Flynn's route enlightening? Is it any better than Leo's? Non of the available routes has a great love story in petto, huh?

It's fine if you like Echo more. I guess it's more complex and advanced, than Adastra for the moment.

Though Adastra has alot of potential, don't you think? (Like every science-fiction series...)

In that case Project Aego is just like Blackgate, but worse. On the Patreon page of the creator from Blackgate people complain about the only small updates.

I'd rather read Sonadow, than Echo .... Too dark for my taste.

Anyway Echo is not the only VN I have on my phone ;)

(Go listen to Echo-Minus an Echo parody voice performed by Dirk (the red panda) and 5 others!)

Well, maybe there's an ending with Leo where Chase survives if you -don't- snoop in his phone or check his browser history, but I was too nosy to ignore them.

The ending I liked, since you won't reread it, is where Chase and Leo break up, but in the end Chase winds up with Kudzu. I was so happy!

Yeah, in Route 65 Leo was 18 and Chase was 15. I don't know what the laws are where you live, but here that's statutory rape. The age of consent in ~most~ of America is 17.

Flynn's route isn't finished, but I don't think it's enlightening to Echo as a whole. Just to Flynn and who he really is.

Flynn's roommate is an Adastra nerd. However, it sounds like Adastra in the Echo universe is the adventures of Amicus Sr. Amicus's father. 

In Echo, Adastra is a TV series that sounds like a cross between Doctor Who and Star Trek (Captain Kirk, not Darth Vader).

As a whole, I'm not big on sci-fi anything (Though Doctor Who is a guilty pleasure). Not unless it could actually be a real thing, like the book Daemon by Daniel Suarez where a madman sets up a computer daemon/AI to follow orders to kill people once his death is announced in the newspapers.

I do like Echo's complexity, though, it's true.

At least Blackgate is getting updates! I'll probably read that one next. 

I finished what's available of all the routes of Repeat, and the longest route left me crying with a bad ending and a "to be continued" so I need to rest emotionally first.

... Sonadow? As in Sonic/Shadow fanfiction?