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My snake controls don't seem to be working. (Though they worked on the earlier iteration.)I tried reopening the game and rebooting my laptop. 

Also, I can't coax the browser version into working on Safari or Chrome. 

Question: Does The Interlude end on its own when the phone rings? (Just not sure if that's intentional.)

Those small gripes aside: I loved the windshield wipers and the headlights! Also, the chips! And, of course, all of the non-Snake parts of the phone! (I never made it past level 1 of Snake. Tough game with non controls.)

Oh no! The snake controls should definitely be working, that's not good. Just to double check - in the earlier build snake controls were mapped to the keyboard, but now they're just maps to arrow keys on the phone. 


While that may help with emersion, the phone (and the arrow buttons by extension) moves a bit too much in response to mouse movement, making this control scheme too fidgety to really be functional for a quick response game like Snake.(EG: was going right, and wanted to go up ... phone 'overshot' and mistook it for press on left arrow, insta-killing the snake-session)