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I don't want to milk it but I won and I think you did too! I know the devs and Bar SK won!

Me three. 

My snake controls don't seem to be working. (Though they worked on the earlier iteration.)I tried reopening the game and rebooting my laptop. 

Also, I can't coax the browser version into working on Safari or Chrome. 

Question: Does The Interlude end on its own when the phone rings? (Just not sure if that's intentional.)

Those small gripes aside: I loved the windshield wipers and the headlights! Also, the chips! And, of course, all of the non-Snake parts of the phone! (I never made it past level 1 of Snake. Tough game with non controls.)

I'm looking forward to it! 

(When you do post them, can you outline what you had to do to make it work? I'm curious. I found surprisingly little about custom screen savers for recent OS Xs when I looked.) 

A dumb question: How do I coax Mojave into using one of these? (Is there a way to use them other than manually boot the app and select on?)

Just wanted to drop by to point out that Juice is #36 on the list of The 100 Best Free Indie Games of All Time, below Butterfly Soup but just above Waltz of the Wizard, two very fine games.

The 100 Best Free Indie Games of All Time

No Mac build? 

I'm only a few thousand dillos deep but I want to say: No price is too great for this amazing game! Also, my heart bleeds for Hypercard!

 So many good clicks. Five+ clicks! Will definitely click again! 

Yes! Sometimes airports are just like that. I like the project but I unenjoyed my time in that airport but . . . I think that was probably the point.  No? It's sad that the most expensive and most used infrastructure we've bothered to build in the last thirty years or so is about the same, though maybe less interesting, as Brownie Cove Cancelled. 

That's burnt! 

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I had something of a headache this morning so I put whatever fruit around the kitchen I could find in the blender--half an iffy peach, some fridge burnt strawberries, some old shoe-smelling papaya, and the juice of two over ripe tangerines--and made a large glass of juice. While I was pulsing  the blender it, Henry dropped by and so I poured him half. We talked for a while and then, after Henry took off, I walked to the office. I worked for a while, and then glanced at the Twitter and ended up playing Juice.

Juice might be my fave Crawlspace game. 

Next time, I'm going to try it with a controller, my pouring skills aren't great. 

Likewise, 10 out 10, will play again.

I like ZEN MODE! Wheeeeee! I just served: a horse, the largest loaf of bread in the world, and all of the tomatoes ever, along with 1000 forks! I like the main game a lot but ZEN MODE is the most fun I've had recently while sitting in front of a computer. (Does Overcooked have a ZEN MODE? It needs to.)

Did anyone else find hidden levels? (I didn't but . . . I'd hate to miss out on them and so I'm asking.)

Hmmmmm. I made it out of the house, read the notes, and walked around but I couldn't jump up the stump(s). The instructions that show up briefly suggest pushing the A and D keys? Not sure. Puzzled. Suggestions?

Thanks! I went back and aligned the icons. (I _thought_ I aligned them earlier and they didn't do anything but apparently I just got close the first time.)  I quite like the design of Acephalus and it's great to play with a game that is different from other games. Considering it's a short game, the feeling that a much larger world of mushrooms is condensed into the experience is an amazing design feat!  However, I'm going to wait until I've had a chance to look at the Tsing book before I say more.  (And, as much as I like Lieve Oma, I'm not going to mention Lieve Oma here :))

I too got a bit stuck. I figured out the mouse wheel movements (I think) and I moved the circles around but . . . I made it no further than Coconut Mousse. Is there more to the puzzle than shown in CM's video? Is there an obvious ending? 

That said, thanks for pointing out The Mushroom at the End of the World! A copy is winding it's way to me via the Brooklyn Public Library and Ms. Tsing's work in general looks very interesting.