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I too got a bit stuck. I figured out the mouse wheel movements (I think) and I moved the circles around but . . . I made it no further than Coconut Mousse. Is there more to the puzzle than shown in CM's video? Is there an obvious ending? 

That said, thanks for pointing out The Mushroom at the End of the World! A copy is winding it's way to me via the Brooklyn Public Library and Ms. Tsing's work in general looks very interesting.  


There is an ending, yeah - did you manage to align the icons on the circle screen? The idea is to get them all to overlap on a single point.

And I'm really glad to hear you'll be having a look at the book! It's a wonderful read on so many levels, and this game really only delves into a small part of it.


Thanks! I went back and aligned the icons. (I _thought_ I aligned them earlier and they didn't do anything but apparently I just got close the first time.)  I quite like the design of Acephalus and it's great to play with a game that is different from other games. Considering it's a short game, the feeling that a much larger world of mushrooms is condensed into the experience is an amazing design feat!  However, I'm going to wait until I've had a chance to look at the Tsing book before I say more.  (And, as much as I like Lieve Oma, I'm not going to mention Lieve Oma here :))