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Any documents you missed should show up on the table in the office, so that probably means you found everything :)

Hey! Really sorry about that - this is a bug that happens on some Linux distros, and after a lot of testing I still haven't been able to figure out why...

The bug has something to do with the Ambient Occlusion effect, so one option is to disable that in the settings menu. The other option is to run the Steam version of the game on Linux (through Steam Play) - if you send me an email at, I'll send through a Steam key for you to try.

Otherwise I'm happy to organise a refund. Just let me know :)

Sorry again for the issue!

Definitely not just you :D

Hey! I don't think we did much testing for the Linux release, sorry... Your best option might be to run the Windows version through WINE (or something similar)?

Thanks so much! Glad you liked the game. You can actually remove the twine by clicking and holding a pin, but that's definitely something I could signpost better, haha

Of course!  (I could definitely have tutorialized the acorn controls better, haha)

The basic idea is to direct an acorn into one of the patches of grass growing up through the ground. Interact with the acorn to start it falling, then hold the right mouse button and use AWSD to move the acorn around in the air. The little sigil on the ground shows you where the acorn is going to land. Hope that helps :)

Hey! Sorry about the bug - what platform are you playing on?

thank you so much! fingers crossed that one of my future games will be as hopeful as this one :)

A full utopia is possible! You just have to do the "right-click and drag" interaction on the little blocks coming off the side of the level. For example, you can connect the two nodes in the bottom left of the screen (time is managed in the name of efficiency + unpaid labour is fundamental for capitalism). I absolutely could have explained that mechanic better, haha.

Ahhhh - sorry about that! No idea what might have caused the bug...

It's not quite the same, but some people over on Steam have shared screenshots of what's in the room :)

ahhh thanks!! massive fan of all your games :D

so incredibly good

Hey! Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you liked the game!

It sounds like that was probably an issue with the "letterbox" effect in the game - I'll look into it and try to find a fix :)

Hey! Thanks for doing the video - I really enjoyed it :)

And yeah if you didn't notice anything different in explore mode then it means you found everything on the story-mode playthrough!

My bad - thanks for letting me know :)

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply - the Paypal option should be working now! Let me know if you have any issues :)

Ah, whoops! Thanks for letting me know :D

Ah okay - thanks for letting me know! Will try to track it down :)

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it :D

And yeah if I end up making a sequel, I'll definitely add some more controls to the corkboard. All great ideas!

Oh, and about the strings getting stuck, was that in the main game or in the explore mode? Or both? Either way I'll try to track down the bug :)

Hey! I'm actually not sure if I still have the project files for this game... But I'll have a look through my game design backups, and if I can find it I'll put together a quick Catalina version :)

Thanks :D

That'd be awesome! As far as I remember, the inspiration for the symbol was some writing by Alain Badiou (which used the Ø symbol pretty heavily). The symbol in the game was meant to be a more rune-like version of that :)

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Hi everyone!

I've done my best to design the game so there's always some new lead to follow. But if you get completely stuck, you can use this walkthrough on Steam to point yourself in the right direction.

It will definitely spoil some of the fun of finding new leads, so please don't use it unless you have to :)

Thanks so much for the shoutout! I really loved Tonight We Riot :)


So glad you liked it!

'like speaking intimately with an old friend' is maybe my favourite ever description of the game :)

Hey! I've taken down the demo because I'm getting pretty close to releasing the finished product. So many things have been improved that the demo doesn't really represent the final game anymore...

But if you're interested in testing the beta, chuck me an email at and I can send through the latest build :)

Hey! Yeah I took down the demo because a lot's changed and it's not a really good representation of the final product anymore... If you chuck me an email at I can just send you through the demo build again? Or if you're interested in beta testing the latest version I could send that through instead?

Thanks! And yeah it's made in Unity :)

Those are excellent!! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks so much! I really wanted to avoid that sort of hero/saviour narrative, where the player comes in and single-handedly ends capitalism... The revolution will be collective, or it won't be a revolution!

Hey! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for all the kind words! I'm really glad that you got that sense of having to slow down and sink your teeth into the mystery - I tried a lot of different things to get that feeling from the investigation mechanics!

And those are all excellent suggestions! I really like the idea of red herrings especially - I've got a few ideas for unexpected things you could find in the archive boxes, and setting those up as red herrings could work very well.

Oh, and on your big suggestion, I've been thinking a lot about ways to structure the overall project. My current plan is to flesh out the Nugan Hand conspiracy and release that as one game - then if it goes well enough I can work on more installments about other related conspiracies!

Anyway, thanks again! And I hope you like the final product :)

Hey! Really happy to hear you liked the demo!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback (and for letting me know about the bug). I like the idea of making the string transparent when zoomed in - I definitely want people going overboard with the twine!

Also I'm really glad that the mood came across! I'm definitely looking to add more details to the office, although I'm still figuring out what to prioritise...

Anyway, thanks again for all the kind words!

Hmmm, that's another really excellent point. I definitely want there to be that sense of slowly learning how to navigate the environment. I'll try repositioning that second staircase, and maybe also adding some small details to help with navigation - like a trash can, or a plant, or a stain in the carpet. Stuff which subtly makes the environment a bit less symmetrical. 

But yeah, thanks again for another great bit of feedback!

Thanks so much for writing this!

I'm really glad you liked the way I stripped things back to dates-names-locations. Making that experience interesting was a major goal of the game! Oh, and the phone / outside world should play a bigger part in the final version!

Excellent writing and a brilliant setting!!!

Can't wait for the full version :D

Hey! Really sorry to hear that. Would you be able to send me an email at and we can either hopefully sort the issue or organise a refund?

Glad you liked :) And thanks for letting us know about the typo!

Hi there! Really sorry to hear about the graphics issues. Is there any chance you could drop me an email at I can think of a couple of fixes I can send through :)

And again, really sorry about the bugs...

Hey! Glad you're liking it :D

Later on in the game you get access to the ability to light liquor bottles on fire, and you can use them to destroy the water cannons! But at this point, you should be able to get past the riot police by throwing stuff at them :)

Hope that helps!