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Happy to help :)

Oh damn. Thanks for letting me know about that. Fixed it up now :)

And glad you liked the game!

The white trails are from cargo ships, and the black trails are from naval warships!

The archives only cover the 70s, and you can't unlock most doors in the game, but (*spoilers ahead*) you can find one key in the archive which opens the basement and triggers the game's ending sequence.

Nah, nothing you do will reveal the censored info - there should always be enough breadcrumbs in the uncensored text to point you towards another set of documents :)

590/7 can be found under Africa - 1975 - Hand

215/66 isn't listed in the card catalog - as you look through other boxes, you'll find a card referencing 215/66 as "Marked For Disposal"

Yep! It's :)

Oh man, that would be a huuuge game... There are only a handful of books on Nugan Hand, and it still took me ages to research everything. Diving down the JFK rabbithole could take years, haha

North America - 1975 - Wilson :)

(1 edit)

Hey! There aren't any true jumpscares in the game, but there are a few creepy moments - it's mostly audio triggers that you set off while exploring the archive. If you're worried about that, you could maybe play with the sound off? You should still be able to complete the game without any in-game sound :)   (might be a bit of a different vibe though haha)

Yes! The "Toggle Letterbox" option in the settings menu should activate/deactivate the black bars :)

Thank you so much!! If this game can give people a laugh while they're stuck on centrelink/jobactive, I'll chalk that up as an absolute win :)

Not completely intended haha. Walking backwards just fell pretty low down the list of things to fix. I left it in because tapping S can still be handy for backing out of tight corners. But I'll probably patch it out sometime over the next few days :)

this game is bizarre, and I love it

Oh, interesting! I thought I'd put in a check to stop that, but obviously it's not working... Thanks for letting me know :)

All excellent ideas! I've actually been slowly tinkering with a new update that uses exactly that kind of stability mechanic (represented by a doomsday clock)

Thanks for letting me know!! Will have a look into it :)

Cheers for the feedback! Will definitely add a north sea route. It didn't make it into the first build because the current navigation system only cares about finding the shortest route. So with an open north sea route, all of the Suez Canal traffic immediately reroutes up through the arctic... Should be pretty straightforward to fix though :)

I'll hopefully add an extended map soon! I've got all the shipping data set up for North and South America, but had to cut it from this version because of some browser bugs...

ooo, that's an interesting idea! I reckon I'll go replay Plague (and Pandemic 2) for some more inspiration :)

Please use this thread to let me know about any tech problems you come across!

They're all public domain illustrations! Mostly from the British Library Flickr account. I also uploaded all the card image files here - feel free to use them for anything :)

Ahh, thanks so much!! Really appreciate the support - this brought a huge smile to my face :)

Any documents you missed should show up on the table in the office, so that probably means you found everything :)

Hey! Really sorry about that - this is a bug that happens on some Linux distros, and after a lot of testing I still haven't been able to figure out why...

The bug has something to do with the Ambient Occlusion effect, so one option is to disable that in the settings menu. The other option is to run the Steam version of the game on Linux (through Steam Play) - if you send me an email at, I'll send through a Steam key for you to try.

Otherwise I'm happy to organise a refund. Just let me know :)

Sorry again for the issue!

Definitely not just you :D

Hey! I don't think we did much testing for the Linux release, sorry... Your best option might be to run the Windows version through WINE (or something similar)?

Thanks so much! Glad you liked the game. You can actually remove the twine by clicking and holding a pin, but that's definitely something I could signpost better, haha

Of course!  (I could definitely have tutorialized the acorn controls better, haha)

The basic idea is to direct an acorn into one of the patches of grass growing up through the ground. Interact with the acorn to start it falling, then hold the right mouse button and use AWSD to move the acorn around in the air. The little sigil on the ground shows you where the acorn is going to land. Hope that helps :)

Hey! Sorry about the bug - what platform are you playing on?

thank you so much! fingers crossed that one of my future games will be as hopeful as this one :)

A full utopia is possible! You just have to do the "right-click and drag" interaction on the little blocks coming off the side of the level. For example, you can connect the two nodes in the bottom left of the screen (time is managed in the name of efficiency + unpaid labour is fundamental for capitalism). I absolutely could have explained that mechanic better, haha.

Ahhhh - sorry about that! No idea what might have caused the bug...

It's not quite the same, but some people over on Steam have shared screenshots of what's in the room :)

ahhh thanks!! massive fan of all your games :D

so incredibly good

Hey! Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you liked the game!

It sounds like that was probably an issue with the "letterbox" effect in the game - I'll look into it and try to find a fix :)

Hey! Thanks for doing the video - I really enjoyed it :)

And yeah if you didn't notice anything different in explore mode then it means you found everything on the story-mode playthrough!

My bad - thanks for letting me know :)

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply - the Paypal option should be working now! Let me know if you have any issues :)

Ah, whoops! Thanks for letting me know :D