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Thanks! That's really great to hear :)

Hey, I'm really glad you liked it! Sorry about the mouse sensitivity issue - I think it is something hardware specific, because I could never get it to happen on my old computer (and so I couldn't track down the cause)... But I just checked and it is happening on my new computer,  so I'll try to track it down and fix it as soon as possible!

Hey Erin! Really sorry about the bug - thanks for giving all the detail. I'm finally getting around to these updates now, so I hopefully should be able to track down the problem!

As a hint, have a look for the people who've already got problems with the workplace! (Or just keep an eye on the colour of the dialogue text)

Loved the video! Thanks so much for putting this together :D

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked it :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

You might not have completed the grouping part? I'm going to do an update today which should make that part clearer.

Ah okay - I'll add some more instructions for that part!

Sure thing! I'll upload some downloadable versions later today!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that you liked it, and best of luck with any future lefty game design :)

Glad you liked it! And no, not really - there are some environmental changes, but other than that you just head back down to your abode and leave the city.

Sure thing! My discord is colestia#9675

Hey, really glad you liked it! You should definitely try making some lefty gaming stuff! In a really general sense, I guess there are two things I try to focus on for all of my games (with different levels of success). First, I try to make my games accessible to as broad an audience as possible (making the language clear by minimizing lefty jargon, making sure the games will run on lower-end machines). I can't remember the exact quote, but someone wrote that if your art is inaccessible to the working class, then how can it be revolutionary?

The other thing I try to do is put forward positive/optimistic visions of the future. It's really easy to be pessimistic about the future of the planet, but I believe that one of the ways capitalism reproduces itself is by convincing us that no other world is possible. So it's really important for leftists to push back against that and show how a better society is within our grasp.

But yeah, that's some really general thoughts. I'm more than happy to discuss game ideas in more detail or look over drafts, just hit me up at

Best of luck with the game design!

Thanks for doing a playthrough! Giving it a watch now.

Ah okay - sorry about that! Thanks a lot for all the detail about how it happened. I'll do my best to track down the bug and fix it!

Thank you!!! I'm really glad that you got so much from it :) And the flower shop sounds like an incredible project! Best of luck to everyone involved!

Hi there, really glad you liked the game! AFriendlyAvocado is right (assuming something else didn't glitch out along the way...). You trigger the final third of the game by reading the single news story / paperplane left at the spot where the homeless mage started.

Just for a bit of context, that trigger went through a bunch of redesigns because I really struggled to make it unobtrusive but also relatively obvious - I'll definitely do another revision for the next build. Thanks a lot for getting touch, and again I'm really glad you liked the game!

Hey, no worries - capitalism sucks, yeah... Just really glad you liked the game!

We achieved a false peace, and though unsettling, at least there is peace.

That would be amazing! Do you mind sending me an email at and we can work things out there?

No worries! There are four separate puzzles which you have to complete:

  1. Aligning the circles
  2. Selecting words for each sentence of the little narrative with Q and E
  3. Using the mousewheel to select the mushroom on the centre pedestal
  4. Using QEZC to change the grid lines so that the centre pedestal and each of the icons are separated by a line, like this: (a barcode will appear when you've got it right)

Then when you do all that, just interact with the centre pedestal to finish!

Hey! Yeah, that puzzle turned out a lot more difficult than I intended... You've got to align them so that all the icons overlap in the very middle of the screen. Here's a screenshot of the setup: 

Hope that helps!

Thanks for this - I'm really glad you got so much out of the game! And I like your point about radical left politics mirroring this kind of deeper critique. If all this violence is ongoing / foundational for capitalism, then that means what we need is a radical break from capitalism...

Oh, and if you want to look into the stuff on environmental degradation, I really like Anna Tsing's description of how plantations embodied a particular type of alienation from nature (it's in Chapter 3 of 'The Mushroom at the End of the World').


Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm glad the mental illness/alienation connections came through - I was worried it might have been a bit too opaque... And that's really interesting about the jump from the computer to the bed jarring with the music, I'll have to think a bit more about how I could make a transition like that smoother. 

Also, I think it should fade out at the end if you float back to the bed. I wanted to let people take their time in that last area, but I see what you mean, there's not really much indication about the end at all.

Thanks again for the comments!

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them! Especially thanks for the point about the final camera being a bit nauseous - I was focused on making the control scheme smooth, but it didn't even occur to me that that could cause problems. I'll definitely bear that in mind for the future!

There is an ending, yeah - did you manage to align the icons on the circle screen? The idea is to get them all to overlap on a single point.

And I'm really glad to hear you'll be having a look at the book! It's a wonderful read on so many levels, and this game really only delves into a small part of it.

Hey, thanks for the video! Two quick hints: try scrolling the mouse wheel in the main room and try dragging the circles on the screen with the rotating parts. Hope that helps!

Sure thing! Could you send me an email at and we'll work something out?

Thanks! I spent quite a while on the layout - I tried to make it so that some of the information would flow as if it was building to a resolution, and other details would just raise more questions about earlier info. Really glad you liked how it ended up :)

Hey, the background colour will change from blue to green when you've changed every element. Try drawing connections between these elements: unemployment and the supermarket, waste and the department store, and the alarm clock in the bottom with the office at the top. Hope that helps!

Hi there. You can find the links behind the grey blocks / gems in the same way you do for the city itself, by holding down the right mouse button and dragging over two of them!

Glad you liked it! The background colour should change when you've transformed all the basic elements and all parts of the city.