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There is an ending, yeah - did you manage to align the icons on the circle screen? The idea is to get them all to overlap on a single point.

And I'm really glad to hear you'll be having a look at the book! It's a wonderful read on so many levels, and this game really only delves into a small part of it.


Thanks! I went back and aligned the icons. (I _thought_ I aligned them earlier and they didn't do anything but apparently I just got close the first time.)  I quite like the design of Acephalus and it's great to play with a game that is different from other games. Considering it's a short game, the feeling that a much larger world of mushrooms is condensed into the experience is an amazing design feat!  However, I'm going to wait until I've had a chance to look at the Tsing book before I say more.  (And, as much as I like Lieve Oma, I'm not going to mention Lieve Oma here :))