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Hi! Yes, sorry about this I think it's a pesky bug. I'm not quite sure why it keeps happening as it's difficult to catch. However this won't be an issue when we finally release a new version on Steam as we no longer use the wash tub any more. Sorry for your inconvenience.

I'm sorry to hear that the Wash Tub will not be included in the new version.  I thought that the Wash Tub added some interesting activities to the game and allowed players to solve lots of challenges with keeping Folks and Clothes and Soup Pots clean.  I wonder if the "Besom Broom" will also no longer be included, since it is also used for cleaning after the Folks eat the Soup.  Please don't drop out of the new version too many features like the Wash Tub and the Besom Broom.  (I don't mind if you drop out the musical instruments though.)

Sorry :( Most feedback suggested that cleaning wasn't much fun. However the Folk will require certain things to be happy (food, shelter, clothing etc) so it's something we may reintroduce in a later release. We've not removed all that much from v21.2 and we've added in a whole load so you won't be short of things to play with :)

That's great news.  Just like everyone else, I can't wait to see the new version.  Thank you.