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Some of these games were made back in 2007 and the source files and even the Flash version I built them on no longer exists.

It's no small feat to dig out all 30 files from the last 12+ years, fix all the issues and update to work in Adobe Flash CS6 (some were built with swishMAX which doesn't exist anymore) and converting them to HTML5 would be a massive endeavour.

They are purely for those who want to play a few old nostalgic games and for most (I assume) it's just a case of double clicking the SWF and it runs fine.

As for the file size I don't think 140 megabytes is that big a download for a pack of 30 games in this day and age.

Thanks for the best wishes on my Patreon endeavours, appreciate it!

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That feeling when someone completely ignores a post...

Ok so for anyone who wants to just run these WITHOUT installing Flash, here you go:

If I were the dev, I'd have already converted them all to EXE files and included two 7z archives; one with SWF files and one with EXE files so that people can grab the ones they want.

Also one does not assume that people have Flash installed on their system since both Flash and Java have been completely deprecated for about a decade now.  YT and even most pr0n sites stopped using it; those that insist on Flash being installed have seen their userbases drastically shrink.  Adobe has been promoting their AIR system which is the descendent of the old Flash Runtimes.  Those that still require JRE to be installed have suffered a similar decline.  MineCraft was the big one and they started including Java bundled with the game itself as a portable custom version that doesn't require system install.

I've read up on the zip vs 7z thing and it seems uploads are automatically zipped.  I guess I'm asking for alternate downloads in 7z format for those that are on lower-end hardware (such as the ones that typically play flash games).


I'm not a big fan of downloading something that converts my SWFs to an EXE and distributing them. Call me old fashioned ;-)

I tried 7zip on the highest setting compression and it came out to the same filesize.

I certainly didn't ignore your post, I simply didn't think it would be a problem for the majority. Thanks for linking that SWF2EXE though, people can do it themselves if playing SWF's is an issue.

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Please consider contacting the 'Blue Maxima Flashpoint' Flash Preservation Project here:

Consider providing an open/permissive license for them to preserve and archive your flash games for posterity <3
Doing so will also reach a much wider audience than!

They have a Discord server linked on that page that you can join.  Tell them you're a game dev interested in contributing your games and they will help with the rest.  ;)

I fully admit my own ignorance of this project prior to someone PMing me about it on my Discord server.  It is absolutely wonderful that a 'sandboxed' archive of flash games/demos and gaming history can be preserved for posterity.  ^_^

The way they preserve games runs them in a contained sandbox and mitigates issues with system-based Flash installs or any Flash malware.