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I'm not a big fan of downloading something that converts my SWFs to an EXE and distributing them. Call me old fashioned ;-)

I tried 7zip on the highest setting compression and it came out to the same filesize.

I certainly didn't ignore your post, I simply didn't think it would be a problem for the majority. Thanks for linking that SWF2EXE though, people can do it themselves if playing SWF's is an issue.

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Please consider contacting the 'Blue Maxima Flashpoint' Flash Preservation Project here:

Consider providing an open/permissive license for them to preserve and archive your flash games for posterity <3
Doing so will also reach a much wider audience than!

They have a Discord server linked on that page that you can join.  Tell them you're a game dev interested in contributing your games and they will help with the rest.  ;)

I fully admit my own ignorance of this project prior to someone PMing me about it on my Discord server.  It is absolutely wonderful that a 'sandboxed' archive of flash games/demos and gaming history can be preserved for posterity.  ^_^

The way they preserve games runs them in a contained sandbox and mitigates issues with system-based Flash installs or any Flash malware.