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Wow, this scumbag scammer's game is still on this site? Despite literally robbing his patreons for 4+ years, and only giving them a single update, lol. What a piece of fucking garabge this guy is. Be forewarned, future site visitors - this dev is a shitty scammer, and just milks patreon for his cash. The game will never be completed. 


I know from personal experience that making a game is a very laborious task.  Depending on the work done, 4+ years is really nothing when building a game by yourself.  And I'm pretty sure that he has released more than one update for Patreons since posting this demo.

With that said, I'll admit that from the progress I've seen so far, the current releases are pretty underwhelming given the time he has used and the funds available to him.

I'll be saving my judgment for when (if) the final build is released.  He could be making progress and assets that we haven't seen yet, and would account for the time taken.


under normal circumstances, no. on a monthly Patreon? yes. lol.  skim through the comments here, it's a shitshow. 


couldn't agree more. I don't like someone asking money for claimingly $0 game.


I made an account just to downvote this post. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a fully 3d game from scratch by yourself? Obviously not. The progress is actually pretty impressive considering the quality of the content and the size of the team. Take your negativity somewhere else.