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jockey is unusable now.

Jockey is planned for ride vehicle feature

Download DVD iso file

DOn't play the software on slow DVD! Intermission hangs!

pause and reset camera has been moved towards center but not close each other.

prepare the Jockey button. but no funtion yet

done it!

make temporary easiner for Waduh boy. add item that instantly turn on Next stage Sangat berat

no problem!

optimize touch trigger! move Pause and ResetCamera pinch close together towards center!

Right trigger is Jockey button! ride a vehicle!

decrease ad to 5 sec

(2 edits)

days tightened! The submit threatened to decrease quality! no post mortem after update. Finish even after exam if so happened decrease quality!

(1 edit)

This is creative novelty exdee not so cringy funny exdee hahahaha duper awesome!!!

the note shouldn't have been to bright though as it would blend and confuses player, expecially impaired.

but still. Extremely Amazing Awesome!

inspiration!!! cool and good!

also, Development Build Web Assembly is large. don't publish it! uncheck the Development build to shrink its size.

no problem!

congratulations. you have made another QWOP. cool awesome!

Extremely Duper Awesome!!! thx!!!

Don't faith same suffer!

Faith it will be better! Try it now this time around!!! It works!

(1 edit)

Replace EEK into pronouncial IIK! Indonesian people and others may heard it as poop thing!!!

Cool refference maker. cool and good.

(2 edits)

we beg you pardon, sir Dodick! We forgot assignment! Didn't see close time!

We have just released our college assignment!


Check it out!

change your shape to do something. 

Thank you for your attention.

Welcome Banner Customer



Fellow Investors



and All beings in this universe,


Geogon PolyMetry: The Proof Concept

--------------------( + ) Perkedel Technologies-------------------

End Welcome Banner

Announcement Banner


Coming Soon, THe Prime Access Update after exam

Stay tuned

----( + ) Perkedel Technologies-----

End Announcement Banner

publish on thursday!

Polish description and stuffs

i feel great because i did not sleep on church! Yay!!! Praise the Lord!

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Name next update:

Ujian udah selesai, akhirnya bisa update

I am now working on Soto Rial!

also preparing to make it public

to do:

  • Soto Rial
  • New Level select menu
  • bbbbb

Is this what Touhou MIDI Tube streamer use? guess I just discovered it myself.

Extremely Duper Juber real AWESOME!!!! thx!!!

greedist wet dream...

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Waw ujiannya lumayan! lupa satu sih T_T

draw the banner for this page!!! also cover!!!

Please leak the footages to YouTube too!!!

and also, Prototype must upload today.

enemy! Barrier!

Enemy can walk back and forth with barrier object as invisible wall. Enemy can be ignore the wall!

Barrier triggers move opposite

add Perkedel logo next to Made with Unity!

we must talk about this. We must do together.

We have to update before thursday. We hope.

this will atleast counts as submit prototype hopefully, when real unfortunate unability to submit new version on wednesday.

okay, SHoonbee. I'll start by Sarah first. Then we're going to consider the DVD menu for Storyboard thingy.

(1 edit)

idea! How about Soto rial bg is like school scene!

Because Soto Rial is pun of Tuto Rial!

(1 edit)

CodeOfConduct: (FirstTrainEngine)(second verb of something that gives energy to object)dot(commonly used American extension) salesh (something that runs on a computer and is abbreviated here) salesh (moress text thing that has number which dashes are actually zero, and they are between 2 companies that deals with it)

Remember dude, young children download this game. You have to post it not in this project all!!!

Doesn't mean I disagree.

Just, lookout! this is SFW project. NSFW version maybe later.