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I have discovered this gem that scratches at level 10 Mohs scale while searching "Gamepad Tester"!!!

cool and good. extremely Duper Awesome!!!

Recomended, download to make sure it works!

I would say, this is a Digital Fidget Toy that Perkedel is inspired to make out of this.

no problem. Next time consider internationally.

Also, you have made your own Tap 

Sorry for pun intended. Sorry for not mentioning Brand Name.

Because it is a Just Tutorial Puzzle game like it was on trend in 2005 2007 ish.

(2 edits)

Another just tutorial the puzzle game! amazing awesome!!!

I believe this is not going to be proprietarable, patentable thing.

The teleport to thrown object has been exist somewhere. e.g. a game called Shantae somewhere. it is 2D. one of the character has similar ability.

But yeah. intresting!

So short! but yeah. it fits.

Note for International user whose don't use AZERTY:

  • Make sure to change key config at the player nag screen! assign to fit QWERTY
  • W is Up
  • A is left
  • S is down
  • D is right
  • the ingame alternate keypress as on the tutorial board didn't work. you must set up as above manually.
  • Why didn't QWERTY layout is default then? remember, the international players plays it. We have been confused why this key doesn't work and appears to be assigned to wrong keys!

not to be confused with


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uhh, if only you have too much money (e.g. have revenue >$1k a day), you can do it.

This, idk. When. Just hope it will. Perkedel has trialed Redamz for 6 years from now to publish the release to make Redamz trustable. Otherwise, late and no publish, Perkedel mark him a scam.

Uh, hang on a sec

*hit opponent's pelfk*

(1 edit)

Please let this be a hoax

I saw his Patreon and he was active that December 25. The 2018.

So, not dead yet. Kinda. U..m.

if in 6 years still no public update or there is one but Patreon patron exclusive = SCAM!!!

I saw it. he update for patreon patrons only.

and is been more than .......... 4 years, no public update.

just wait.

he has another 6 years to exceed trust limit from Perkedel.

He Patreon only update for more than 1 day = SCAM

I hate paywall.

(1 edit)

don't get too sure then! Perhaps not work well all the time though.

(1 edit)

sorry forgot to say. I am really surprised.


Ultra. Highest option available.


Wasn't that shocking?

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The game runs well. it's my laptop ASUS ROG GL503GE with its 8 GB of RAM. no lag. 60 or above fps average. Though it's GTX 1050 Ti cheapskate intel!!! whahat? how it could run well?! it's not that RTX you know!

 just, slow loading for 1st time only, because it's not SSD. built in SSHD 1TB.

anyway, wow! Amazing Duper Awesome!!!

cool and good. duper awesome.

I have suggestion.

you should add "load from file"!

there. Music player!

zero the price just for this itch please! make it deserve to be worth it!

probably Aseprite was free, I think. but nowadays, you must buy!

This free plugin is real Awesome!

but the Aseprite itself is bad. expensive! not free!! don't buy if you have no commitment about Aseprite.

And what an irony that Aseprite Official website itself has .org domain which means non-profit. but expect you to buy to be able to save file. ew! that's profit!!

I love this plugin and others from you.

but I hate not zero cost tools. like Aseprite one.

jockey is unusable now.

Jockey is planned for ride vehicle feature

Download DVD iso file

DOn't play the software on slow DVD! Intermission hangs!

pause and reset camera has been moved towards center but not close each other.

prepare the Jockey button. but no funtion yet

done it!

make temporary easiner for Waduh boy. add item that instantly turn on Next stage Sangat berat

no problem!

optimize touch trigger! move Pause and ResetCamera pinch close together towards center!

Right trigger is Jockey button! ride a vehicle!

decrease ad to 5 sec

(2 edits)

days tightened! The submit threatened to decrease quality! no post mortem after update. Finish even after exam if so happened decrease quality!

(1 edit)

This is creative novelty exdee not so cringy funny exdee hahahaha duper awesome!!!

the note shouldn't have been to bright though as it would blend and confuses player, expecially impaired.

but still. Extremely Amazing Awesome!

inspiration!!! cool and good!

also, Development Build Web Assembly is large. don't publish it! uncheck the Development build to shrink its size.

no problem!

congratulations. you have made another QWOP. cool awesome!

Extremely Duper Awesome!!! thx!!!

Don't faith same suffer!

Faith it will be better! Try it now this time around!!! It works!

(1 edit)

Replace EEK into pronouncial IIK! Indonesian people and others may heard it as poop thing!!!

Cool refference maker. cool and good.

(2 edits)

we beg you pardon, sir Dodick! We forgot assignment! Didn't see close time!

We have just released our college assignment!


Check it out!

change your shape to do something. 

Thank you for your attention.

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publish on thursday!

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