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Please Keep the free and full version right here! So the Steam version act as just a donation version!

Do not become like other traitor game devs!!!

I have money but I do not want to waste it! Even rich may become poor instantly!!

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that's the trouble.

not all people like not $0 softwares. there are tools that are should have been trusted by professional like Blender for $0.

there numerous ways to develop softwares and be supported, such as donation or so.

also, moving from open source license into proprietary is treason! in our opinion, if they stop being humble, we will also cease our care.

oh yeah, because of this, there is LibreSprite which is last open source Aseprite build that was forked into an independent project. but there are only 25 commits ahead and way 2009 commits behind the original as of today.

Speaking about just $15, Yes I pay some softwares like Yamaha Musicsoft MIDIs, Games, or so. But of course they are not free so I cannot recklessly buy too many softwares. infact, I only have few games I bought with my own money, because prioritizing to waste money on games even useful utility is idiotic!

we must find way that will not waste our money but also has enough quality.

I know, Aseprite is awesome, but we lost it because they are not $0.

we also have seen similar treason like PartedMagic. we forced to move to SystemRescueCD.

in conclusion: not $0 = expensive! Switching to proprietary is one of the worst treason commited!

dislikers are possibly aseprite teams!

Oh really, you should recheck their license again here.

NOw, I assume you are too busy to read the license so here is why Aseprite is bad idea according to the license:

  • NOT OPEN SOURCE!!!! They said, you are not allowed to reverse engineer the sofware except something something applicable by law. Even there is no presence of any open source licenses like GNU GPL or MIT. what MIT you see is the license for the some of the other modules Aseprite use. Another one, is that Yes, you can compile yourself the GitHub project, but if you make mods, YOU CAN ONLY USE IT FOR PERSONAL USE i.e., NO PUBLIC EDITS ALLOWED a.k.a. PROPRIETARY. ugh, how do I say this? yeah, like that.
  • Ironic! this .org domain doesn't make sense because this aseprite is not truly open source and share the binary for costly. despite of self compilation you can do, it's just, why though?! many people doesn't like to compile manually, and want to get it ready! OH and also, they are not non-profit spirit as the org should implies.
  • You want free binary? nah nah! it's old version! what' the point?!
  • there are many ways to animate pixelated raster environments out there that I beg anyone to find with the only terms are: tools involved must be an open source licensed project and binary made are $0 forever, full out of the box!

So please watch your mouth before saying this tool is open source. look out their license!

Just because it is on e.g. GitHub, doesn't mean it guarantees Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION spirit! some projects are pretty much (pardon my dirty mouth)... can-cer.


I hope you understand, that people can benefit the availability while forget and even refuse to take care for the people.

moral is, don't just care for yourself but the others as well.

no problem. Bless your project be complete!

the wall run. that's her signature.

duper awesome!!!

Mind if we ask you question?

Can you please slow it down? You sounds really rude. Do you have any explanation and reasons for your answer please?

You see, you cannot just explicitly express your answer without giving reason why.

You could have just say:

"I have life and I need to sustain my life and family" etc. Etc.

By default, your "No!" Answer appears that you idolize money than your God. I know this sounds funny, but in my opinion, you look's like that. So please be careful writing answer next time, or now. (Edit button)

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Ugh, I don't like devs setting the comment rating with up/down vote. Let me be honest. People are fully comfortable disliking what they don't like.

For me, I won't. I hate people downing each other. We must be friendly! Do not allow any hates.

Feel free to dislike this if you want. I am fine if itch do not give any pekk. Just saying.

Afterall it seems nothing for this particular case.

That's succ. The game is Unity!

As long I have experienced, in Unity Build Setting, PC build profile consists of 3 Operating system: Windows exe, Mac, and Linux binary.

Switching those in the setting should be an Easy job. The only things matter is, the recompiling time and library available.

Usually, I assume all libraries are available to 3 of those, as well as the other build profile.

So saying No Linux version when it is Unity, means the dev is lazier than lazy, or refuse to see the potential. This behaviour, tbh, is disgusting. I.e. DISGUSTANG!!! (Meme on YouTube)

This is serious. Even many or some of the Linux game dev able to port from Linux to Windows, and yet, some games are not Unity, but pure C++ !!!

Yeah, seriously.

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I'll get over. We can learn Blender, Godot, and stuff.

Check out SuperTuxKart! Not a promo. Quite descent! But it's kart. And $0

All we need is the spring effect. There is the chasis, connected to seat with spring! Simple! Yet, he did not patent this car model so he cannot file anything if we realized it either in irl, or in our own game (a.k.a. Clone and ripoff). I may be wrong. If he has patent, he has to send me the link to it.

Oh, if not Godot, I can use Unity. There may be a spring GameObject somewhere.

I can learn how to replicate it until it works similarly. I don't care if it even takes long time, years, or so. We want to have it. So we make and share $0!

Yes, that Sandwich is paid a.k.a. expensive! I want it free! There is no choice to clone that sandwich, and share it for $0.

Man! All I disappointed is the price, if we try to compare with cheaper and worse or similar commonly found on Google Play. Either it is about PC Cafe racing games on Android, or just a basic racing games. People can download PC Cafe games with initial price of $0.

I.e. tbh, it's too damn high!

I don't mind if I have to pay billions for just a stupid hardware.

But this is software. And it does just that. 

Devs! Try, to compete with other developer. Publish this to Google Play, with ads, IAP, add something to it. Then I'll sit nicely. And also inital price $0 if necessary.

Sorry for being rude. But this time it's really weird business model. I suggest, this be price for as much as $1 or $0.99 or whatever. Or keep it like that. I'll play other stupid games and/or make clones.

Only the prologue free. but the rest in the future won't.

We will discuss this anomaly

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Verified by Perkedel: OVERHIDE certified. Fidget Toy of Realistic simulation of Heartbeat toy (Fidget heartbeat, spinner-like addictive for cardiophile).

Congratulations. your game fits our compliance for realistic heartbeat simulator every cardiophile wants. Duper Awesome job!

What to do if this game has been Overhide verified and certified?:

Do not download demo at all!

Reject Demo at all cost!

Demo is only for compatibility testing purpose to see if something is working or not.

Instead buy the game even if it is priced. even it is not free a.k.a. (in term of Perkedel) "too expensive!". (pardon for rude and swearing)

Share this game perma-link to all cardiophiles in the world

Trust that this game is about realistic heartbeat simulation where you can make subject's heartbeat either fast or slow by giving them order of action such as excercise.

Joel has seen the Demo himself and confirmed the game mechanic which says "Emphasize of Heartbeat lub dub simulation". Other members may have confirmed the similar if not the same.

What is Overhide?

Overhide was a playlist name on Joel's YouTube account meant to collect heartbeat video. The playlist was private to prevent getting caught. however, newer Overhide playlists are now open to public since nobody will catch Joel anymore, or so it is. Also a plan to release previous Overhide playlist and Unlisted Overhide to public has been proposed.

Nowadays Overhide is a definition that marks existence and presence of heart beating content.

Why on YouTube Overhide also contains other content?

in YouTube, there are only fewer heartbeat content. So Overhide over there also collects other content. General content will be store on Favourite.

This is not the case if a video site contains abundant amount of heartbeat content. for that video site, Overhide will append Definitive which guarantees heartbeat content collection only.

bug found!

if the patient is exhausted (animation position is on exhausted), then asked to lie down, they refuse doing it. just pant pant recover (perhaps the animation stuck. you may forgot animation transition go to, and / or that exhausted lie down transisition to that exhausted lie down).

reproduced in demo. probably also happened in full version I think.

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I have posted the comment on your forum.

Will buy if I have money

in conclusion:

Cool and good!

It's the real fidget toy, cardiophile wants! not that boring diagnose and treat pekk nekk game! it's literally heartbeat simulator! a golden treasure!!!

some offsyncs may occurs.

sorry if you get offended but in my opinion the price is little too high. maybe try $14, or less, or so, idk. but we'll see if this is worth it!

how about Android, Google play? free download full version, Advertisements! buy from IAP to remove ads.

Linux. I love Linux!


fun fact, I am cardiophile and want to make cardiophile products.

it's me, JOELwindows7! from Perkedel Technologies.

I am sadd! there are too few games that emphasize heartbeat glory in this itch realm. and I searched on other realm, and still found handful heartbeat content, but zero interactive that works like this game does.

so far, there are only 2 interactive cardiophile fidget game creators have published. Shinon517, and you.

also me. but I just have hard sketch on my GitHub. rough sketch. really rough as of now.

if you click my display name, it will 404 error. type joelwindows7 itch io instead.

cool and good 


cool and good. Amazing Awesome. Thancc!!!

We have 1920 x 1080. Commonly known as 1080p.

Some gamers has 4K monitor.

These monitors commonly runs from 60hz, 120hz, 140 hz, 240 hz, and more.

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mind if I ask for the reason you do set resolution 800x600?

Tbh, lowering resolution feels uncomfortable. 


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This project was my 2nd semester task. Made in Greenfoot, because the college taught me how to program Object oriented.

This game is too big for greenfoot website. I have run out of idea.

contains Dank Memes during 2018 and bellow. (does not contain fidget spinner simulator. sorry)

You should try it. I cannot show more screenshot as it would spoil the fun.

Thank you for your attention.

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pls do not use set resolution to low. it's no longer the age. it's full resolution today.

anyway. cool and good. duper awesome!

corner hit

couldn't agree more. I don't like someone asking money for claimingly $0 game.

cool and good. duper awesome!!!

I discovered another fidget toy for when my all my mouses are broken!!!

you can implement steering wheel controller to make steering controller acts as a mouse pointer.

cool and good, extremely novel duper juber real awesome idea!!!

we're sorry for being rude. However, we do not like such practice which is "Patreon first, Public Later" and "Patreon prioritize" no matter what. There have been many creators that expects monetary fund in order to create something and give it only to those who funded them. For mere and meek of us, many creators have doubt, or "MEH!" with it, or "maybe later", etc.

We are very disappointed to those creators that makes something because of monet, not because they like and love  to make it.

Despite of their love of making. Any occurences of monetary expectation will be treated as making it for just money, regardless any claim given by creators responded such as "I love making this until my death". This behaviour is disgusting and frowned upon. To make things, We believe that things has to be freely available to everyone to examine, learn, and inspire from.

To make it clear, Perkedel Technologies has rule that disallow any of our member even Joel himself to make stuff like software and put a paywall behind, not revealing source code, and breaking into parts DLCing things over.

This is the reason that Perkedel Technologies sounds provoking to a projects that are "stupidly expensive", closed source, and is not a full product out of the box i.e. DLCed. 

Though,  not all the time Perkedel Technologies reveals our rudeness. We have to bring some tolerance at first, trusting what they are promises, and live within the time constrain the creator promise.

In addition, Perkedel Technologies will consider to collaboration between the creator to make products that designed related to. Games, remaster, computer devices, etc.

Speaking about freely available. We mean for the software that it should be accessible to any mere entities. Just like our slogan "Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!".

For hardware, its price tag should be at around which fits in common sense. Of course it can't be $0, but should be at a considerable amount appropriate. Beside of the price, the product should be also: Not rsstricting people from prying its component for examination, and not having any of the feature deactivated that requires extra fund in order to activate it. There has been exist Hardware with DLC such as Peterson StroboPLUS HD which the Metronome feature upgrade is available here

Ew! Why should I have to get this hardware with features disabled while I preffer more to pay more to get both tuner and metronome out of of the box?!

In conclusion, We are apologize for our rude speak previously for the behaviour of the creator done to mere entities. We wish that all of you in house to not do the same or similar behaviour that sounds like "Patreon first, public later" and forgeting the mere public in potentially later or has it been right now.

Thank you for your attention.

cool and good.


no problem. Also please add save data. Save objects position, known as Scene, like how you make Scene. Yeah.

If you make save data, use save file system or SQLite, do not use Player prefs!

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Video I recorded:

I made a three dimensional billiard!

Thanks, Shanpe. I know I would.

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SHanpe: I can feel your anger of this guy's utterly disgusting expensivism behaviour. But we gotta know, we have no right to force him so. His right, is his right. You have Godot. You have Blender skills. clone it! set it $0 and Open Source and Full version.





I'm sorry If I rude

Coatin: Anytime.

Also include my thank you to her.

Coatin: Sure, I'll do it. My girlfriend likes your game. even it look's too short and unpolished.

Thank you for your motivation. Please send my greet to Hatalina. She'll be glad hearing from me.

Coatin: Oh, also, I just want to say, good luck for your negotiation with Gears for Breakfast. I saw you have written long list of plan for your future.

No. we're still fine today. again, We are apologise for any delay you guys have been experiencing.

Coatin: Wow! you are very quick to respond! thank you! I was just worried. because I thought you have had experienced unexpected event.

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Dear Mr./Mrs,

No. We haven't completed the last level yet. and the things that said "Abandoned" is not actually true yet. Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate outage of time during the previous semester, we have to hastly give update to my lecturer. Sorry, for that inconvenience.

In addition we also have another job this 4th semester. Yes, we are working on Geogon 3D right now. We shifted the focus there for now and paused this development for now. After we have passed the exam day, we'll promise to continue this first game, and finish the rest.

Thank you for your attention. We are really sorry for any inconveniences caused. We are planning to bring devlog announcement about this soon as possible.