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The wrong IndieDB download of arabian user downloading a windows program in Android phone confusing by a Mac version, has been repeated for the third time.

Why is this happening? Perhaps he hasn't come to understand that he can't play PC/Mac games on his phone? Or is it that a bot has entered that keeps him repeating the process once every day?

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Arabian wrong download PC game in Android phone in fourth time. This is already out of line, it seems that he refuses to learn the lesson that he can't play Windows/PC games if had downloaded it on Android phones like the Samsung, he doesn't even use the chrome translator to read. Instead, he go back and screw up every day with changing the words to look for the same thing.

The 5th arabian wrong download of PC game in android samsung phone, but he are confusing it with an arcade game without MAME in which he searching. This minority of middle east users they simply refuse to be aware that their samsung android phones it doesn't work for all softwares, they are always wrong in downloading the same game, but looking for it with different letter, .exe programs isn't for Android, & .apk programs is not for Windows PC without respective emulators, there are only two ways to play PC games in Android phone/tablet, emulation o streaming (Remotr or Rainway).

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6th arabian wrong download. The supposedly same user of his Samsung Android phone, That wrongly downloaded a Windows game mistaking a Mac game in Android, now a Mac game on Android is immediately downloaded by mistake with such blatant ignorance with searching a supposedly v9.0 , And there aren't even exists Mac emulators for Android. 

Who is that Arabic language user of the samsung mobile? Why is it always getting in the wrong way of downloading  the same game for Windows/Mac on his Android phone just by changing the words in the Google search engine?

You're making fun of people who tend to live in countries so repressive that they can literally be killed by their government for accessing/downloading certain material.

Technological illiteracy there tends to be the fault of the oppressive regime that severely limits access to new information at their whim.

You should focus on more productive endeavors.

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No, I'm just very frustrated and disappointed with these wrong download acts (ok, it's inevitable to exaggerate a bit), I don't say that all those people are like that, it's just a minority, I just wanted them to improve on computing knowledge so that they use the software on the respective platforms correctly (.exe in Windows, .apk in Android, not the other way around). 

Although if this technological illiteracy is maintained by the oppressive governments of those countries and by terrorism, is a terrible possibility that I couldn't take account at the beginning.

7th & 8th, double arabian wrong download. Never, but never again, they will learn the valuable lesson that you can't use software from another operating system without the means for emulation or streaming, and it didn't come alone, but also with another that was downloaded by mistake the same game, but with other letters to find it.