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Heh, yeah your profile picture is cute.

I may change my opinion of TA when romance makes its appearance. It's getting there, but not quite. I agree it feels more natural, especially since it's not like "I've been out with you three times and now I'm in love!" which is what many VNs do. 

I just adore Darius and his route in EA though. I can see the resistance and how it slowly changes. How he becomes enamored with the MC and at first is so resistant to it, but he becomes gentler and stops sleeping with other people even though they're not technically dating and he doesn't have to. His character development just makes me swoon. Not to mention how excited he gets about some things, like playing the piano for the MC or going camping.

In TA though, I love Keisuke. His blushing face is adorable. 

I felt that way about Shinji in Morrnatsu too. I'd say I have a type, haha.

I don't honestly care if the MC is human or not, but I do agree it's odd when he's the only human. 

In Nekojishi, at least there's lots of humans but the MC can see their 'true form' if they have one. That's how they explain seeing beast men. It's also a great game that I highly recommend if you haven't played it. However, I think it's only a computer game, so you may have to wait until you have a PC.

For sure I am planning on getting a pc. How could I play games like these ones on our family computer? 

I plan on getting Nekojishi. It seems very interesting with only Cat-Beastmen or not? Lagoon Lounge doesn't look bad either. There are some more I have my focus on, such as Coming out on Top, Eldet, After Years, ... I don't plan on spending my money for something so why not support VN creaters?

As much as I'd like talking about Darius, Keisuke and Shin I can't (what he's called now, go play Morenatsu Homecoming (don't worry about sprites for now, they will remove the flashing too ^^). I don't play through a game 5 or more times to play through every route, at least I play every game through ones, first. There are still Echo and Adastra for me to play left ;)

I admire wolves. They're my fav. animals. That's why I have, most of the time, a crush on the 'dog characters'. 

I am pretty certain that you will change your opinion about TA. To be fair you could say the same thing about Morenatsu too. Morenatsu is also on the realistic side, but with less romance (for now I hope). 

You are right with the '3 times done thing' I don't really like it. If the story would continue on, after, then it could be fine.

Have you ever played Wolfstar Sins and Paradise? I find the story very different, unusual so to say but I like it, nevertheless. (Life/Afterlife, Demons/Angels, ...) Both WSSAP and Uncommon Breed are less interesting for the bright audience though, maybe. The characters are somewhat over-exaggerated, but the stories are well made.

Is it too early to wish somebody great easter? 

Heh, I'll accept the great Easter wishes. Happy Easter to you too.

I tend to save VNs at the initial "Choose One" dialogue. Like the first day of tennis in EA, or the 'Alex or Janus' in WSSAP.

I've only played a small bit of Homecoming. I'm not a huge fan of Shinji's sprite now. All black, I can't see his details. 

Morenatsu itself is finished (Homecoming isn't). It was originally a PC game, but they remade it for Android. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take Homecoming. They plan to add more depth to the characters and probably more romance too.

I like both WSSAP and Uncommon Breed. It's true in both the characters are exaggerated, but I think that makes it fun. They're different types of VNs, which is nice. Although, UB is VERY glitchy on Android.

I haven't heard of Eldet or After Years. But I do want Coming out on Top.

...Echo and Adastra? Are those more renamed Morenatsu characters?

Nekojishi has a few more beast men besides cats, however the only dateable characters are cats. I'd follow the walkthrough in order, if you use them at all. I played in a different order and discovered I should've followed the walkthroughs order.

Basically you only get a bit of the story with each character, and it's best to finish the game with Senpai as the last character to pursue.

Amorous (PC) was a good game, but they do that "3 and done" formula with most characters. It disappointed me, honestly, and my review reflected that. I highlighted the parts I liked and what I disliked. I also requested the developers make a sequel, because I love the characters but you don't get to see the relationship after the third date. 

First thank you

Hmm, now, I don't want to think about much now to write, cause it's pretty late.

Let me just say a few things. 

I am curious about what will Homecoming bring too.

Uncommon Breed, yeah it's something, relatively unstable or whatever.

I want to play Blood and Lust too.

Echo and Adastra are VN's made by Howly (561 Patrons on Patreon)

I'll propably try Amorous then, thanks. I'll add it to my list. 

I think Eldet and After Years are pretty popular or famous VN's. I don't know much about them though.

Uncommon Breed certainly works a lot better on PC, but hopefully they'll figure out how to optimize it for Android.

I just started Blood and Lust actually. It's interesting so far. 

I'll have to look those up then.

I hope you can go back and give a longer comment next time after you get some sleep. I enjoy these long back and forth comments.

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I enjoy writing with you too. You seem like an intelligent and smpathetic person. :)

It appears to be the optimization part is one of the hardest things to do when you wanna “transfer“ (I forgot the word) a pc game to mobile, iOS or Android.

I watched some Blood and Lust on Youtube from the Youtuber UkeKooki. He's a fun dude. I first thaught he is Asian, but he said in his B&L video he can't speak Japanese, so he had to translate it with an engine (The game wasn't in English when he started it). His TA videos are alot of fun (I haven't watched much of his vids), because he is, kinda, shameless in a way. 

(Are all Japanese Asians or are they considered to be Japanese? 🤔)

I know two more VN's you may never heard of: Oceans Blue and The Secrets. Although I think that Oceans Blue is rather a small game. Ahh and now I just remembered Guardians of ParVa'La. It isn't that long or finished at all, but it's pretty awsome so far, I suggest it. I gave it 5 stars (on my profile). It reminds me a little bit of WSSAP. There is also Let's Meet Adam or the Incubus Academy for you to check out (pc).

Technically we could follow each other so we don't miss out on our reviews. Although, I don't know if it works that way. 

A lot of people would disagree with you on the sympathetic part, but thank you haha.

Transfer works there. 

Well, he could be Asian even if he doesn't speak Japanese. If you want to get technical, Indians (from India) are Asian too; India is in Asia the continent.

I'm not sure I understand the question. Yes, Japanese are Asians. As are Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, etc. They're all Asian, and generally prefer to be called Asian than possibly the wrong type of Asian.

I have heard of The Secrets. I think that one is in my library too. So is Incubus Academy.

 However I haven't heard of Ocean's Blue, Guardians of ParVa'La, or Let's Meet Adam.

Umm, it might? I see when developers I'm following add a game to their collections. Maybe you see reviews too?

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Sympathetic is a subjective question, I'd say, so to me you are.

Now, now 😁 I am not that dumb. I only didn't know if Japanese are supposed to be called Asians too, since they live their own dream on their island. 🙈 (jk)

Well I never was there so I can't judge about that statement, but I guess it's true.

Ok, well Malaysians (or how you write them) and the other mentioned nations are Asians too, so yeah.

If you have free time or are free from any other VN you can check them out then...

I know what you mean, yes I see updates too and get a message if there's one or when they bring out a new game. 

Like the team who made YAGS without really finishing YAGS frist. I saw your review about it another day and agree with you. Anyhow I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because people still seem to like it... Unlike me, I played through it two times and didn't get to date Adam... He is supposed to be the difficult route. I didn't like the game style and story anyways so I passed this game. I mean the character design isn't terrible, but the story is so boring and everyday seems like the first or second one. 

If you want we could try it out. I'll add you then. I see you added me too. I even thaught about it earlier, but didn't wanna come over like a creep or something, yk ^

Maybe you'll like this 

I did see a review you did right after following you, so apparently it works.

I redownloaded YAGS, but I haven't started it again-- yet. 

Haha, I wouldn't think you were a creep. Clearly I don't have an issue with following someone, then again I don't care too much how others perceive me.

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I had to look up perceive 😀 It happens rarely that one *doesn't* care about how people perceive one these days and I find it's a good attidude, mostly. 

And believe me or not I don't really care what people think about me either. The only reason why I never told my family that I'm gay is propably because we are a christian family. Yep, you read right. It's quite a problem.

And you can't feel the way I (we) do, but for gays to be gay is not something you have to be ashamed of (for most maybe), what you have to hide from public, what is a sin and so on. We feel normal in the most part and because most people think it's a shame to be gay we have to hide it.

It's also a reason why it's hard for me/us to have any friends... I mean I'm 19 now and you know puberty is not over yet. It's annoying and sometimes I hate my life.

I am pretty sure I am a relatively smart person who tries to be nice and helpful and who also tries to have a healthy life.

Why am I writing this for no reason? Idk it feels good. I have no fear of writing my lifestory on the internet. It's propably a little bit dramatic, but I left it behind.  I am curious what people think about me, but I couldn't care less if they wouldn't like me.

Btw. I don't like the yaoi look that developers use for characters of some VN's so YAGS isn't for me anyways. 

Also I don't care if my profile picture is uncool and too cute. I am a romantic person, but not in a exaggerated way, I'd say.

I hope you 'liked' reading this. It's not something I would make fun of. It's all true. 

Maybe I am weird because I am so open. I don't give a f***. 🙂 (that smiley is supposed to be ironic/sarcastic)

Ah and the name Rebach is completely random. It ones came to my mind and was then used in a game...

Imagine something fucked up like this!

(That was alot, again...?!)

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Are you still there?

I should've written I hope you like that I am being honest with you...