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On the second day, go to the Colosseum and to the shop. Winning Fabius this day leads to his scene; the odds are 50-50 this day, so save your game before the battle and try again if you lose! 

You must have the ring to achieve the good ending. 


I got it, and I loved the scene (and solved the mystery as well), I have a thing for tough guys with a soft side, but there is something else I'd like to ask: are there any other nude/sex scenes? How can I trigger them? Also, I suggest having a gallery mode, just so we can take a good look at our "rewards".

There's no more sexy scenes so far, sorry. Wolfscade is considering making an extra one, and with the number of people asking for more Aelius/Fabius I think he will definitely draw it! XDD

I didn't think of adding a gallery for just one scene... but if you think it's worth it, why not? I can add it easily.

hey any update for making this extra scene and adding a gallery? 

or is it not gonna be done :(