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Just dunno why my pc somehow conflicts with just "Love Rewind's game page" - can't click any of the links or comment there with both Firefox & Chrome browsers.  My bro's pc is fine though, so I used his to download already, thank you for your kind reply!

Hi, just wondering if you have Chinese version?

Hi, since you stated "Prologue" in the game's title, just wondering if you will be making its main game (sequel)?

Hi, about your "Love Rewind's game page": dunno why, but I can't access the links; can't even comment - everything there is unclickable.  I don't have such problem here or at any other page, could you check please? Tq

I really have to ask: am I the only one bothered by the stupid film grains??? It's making me very sick, OTZ, wonder if it's possible to have a patch to remove it or something?

Hi, just wanna confirm if the extra scene you mentioned was available / done yet? Tq

Hi, as the status shown is "In development", just wanna confirm if this game is completed yet?

Seriously, no matter how I see it, it smells like scam; as a Chinese myself, I can't stand looking at that guy's words (covering my eyes in shame). I think you could just ignore such people, completely.

About the game: Wow, it looks interesting, looking forward to your full release! ^ ^

OMG, this game is really a masterpiece of the masterpieces!!! I so gotta bow down to you for the so very many and complicated choices! O o O

I only accept the best (happy) ending as true ending, so really thank you so very much for it!!! Bad endings break my heart, especially types like yours - it hurts so much that I wanna hurt myself physically - to somehow lessen my terrible heartache... ╥﹏╥...

Btw, it's such a pity that it's so short! How I wish it could be far more longer - I would really really really love to see their romance continuation story! (☆▽☆) + (¯﹃¯) ~

Lastly, thank you so very much for sharing your game; so very glad to have come across and played it!!! (*^▽^*)

Hi, thanks for sharing your game! LOVE it! Hope it was longer! And how I LOVE the kissing CG so very much!!! o(*////▽////*)q

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Hi! I really really really LOVE your game, "Don't Take This Risk", so very very very much!!! It's really so very greatly done!!! Love the voice actors, especially Daniel; he's so my cup of tea!!! o(*////▽////*)q  How I wish this game could be longer!!! (¯﹃¯)  I'm more than willing to let him has his way with me; I was hesitant at first (starting too fast, > <), but I'm ready now... (*/ω╲*)  Really thank you so very much for making and sharing this game; glad to come across and played it!!! ^ v ^

Btw, wonder if I'm the only one that feels the description of the scenes disappear too fast? I feel hard to concentrate on it when he's speaking, so not able to finish reading them at first; some really disappear too fast that I had to screenshot to read them completely - bug? Also, the voice volume of Daniel is a bit not perfect: starting is loud enough, but in the later parts, it's very low that I had to increase my speaker's volume to hear perfectly.

Lastly, the blinking of the screen (heroine eyes' blinking effect) makes my eyes a bit uncomfortable... It gives the atmosphere though, so maybe I'm just not used to the effects, haha.  Btw, kindly advise where I could find the animation that you said you would be making please!!! (☆▽☆)

Oh, I see! Noted, I'll redownload then, thank you so much for your kind reply!

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Hi, is there any difference (other than size) between this 160mb's and Lemma's 51mb's realistair_installer.exe OR 53mb's Tq!

LOVE this game so very much! If only it could be longer! (drool~)