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A member registered May 28, 2016

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OMG, this game is really a masterpiece of the masterpieces!!! I so gotta bow down to you for the so very many and complicated choices! O o O

I only accept the best (happy) ending as true ending, so really thank you so very much for it!!! Bad endings break my heart, especially types like yours - it hurts so much that I wanna hurt myself physically - to somehow lessen my terrible heartache... â•Ĩīšâ•Ĩ...

Btw, it's such a pity that it's so short! How I wish it could be far more longer - I would really really really love to see their romance continuation story! (☆â–Ŋ☆) + (¯īšƒÂ¯) ~

Lastly, thank you so very much for sharing your game; so very glad to have come across and played it!!! (*^â–Ŋ^*)

Hi, thanks for sharing your game! LOVE it! Hope it was longer! And how I LOVE the kissing CG so very much!!! o(*////â–Ŋ////*)q

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Hi! I really really really LOVE your game, "Don't Take This Risk", so very very very much!!! It's really so very greatly done!!! Love the voice actors, especially Daniel; he's so my cup of tea!!! o(*////â–Ŋ////*)q  How I wish this game could be longer!!! (¯īšƒÂ¯)  I'm more than willing to let him has his way with me; I was hesitant at first (starting too fast, > <), but I'm ready now... (*/Ī‰â•˛*)  Really thank you so very much for making and sharing this game; glad to come across and played it!!! ^ v ^

Btw, wonder if I'm the only one that feels the description of the scenes disappear too fast? I feel hard to concentrate on it when he's speaking, so not able to finish reading them at first; some really disappear too fast that I had to screenshot to read them completely - bug? Also, the voice volume of Daniel is a bit not perfect: starting is loud enough, but in the later parts, it's very low that I had to increase my speaker's volume to hear perfectly.

Lastly, the blinking of the screen (heroine eyes' blinking effect) makes my eyes a bit uncomfortable... It gives the atmosphere though, so maybe I'm just not used to the effects, haha.  Btw, kindly advise where I could find the animation that you said you would be making please!!! (☆â–Ŋ☆)

Oh, I see! Noted, I'll redownload then, thank you so much for your kind reply!

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Hi, is there any difference (other than size) between this 160mb's realistair-1.1-win.zip and Lemma's 51mb's realistair_installer.exe OR 53mb's realistair-win32.zip? Tq!

LOVE this game so very much! If only it could be longer! (drool~)