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OMG, this game is really a masterpiece of the masterpieces!!! I so gotta bow down to you for the so very many and complicated choices! O o O

I only accept the best (happy) ending as true ending, so really thank you so very much for it!!! Bad endings break my heart, especially types like yours - it hurts so much that I wanna hurt myself physically - to somehow lessen my terrible heartache... â•Ĩīšâ•Ĩ...

Btw, it's such a pity that it's so short! How I wish it could be far more longer - I would really really really love to see their romance continuation story! (☆â–Ŋ☆) + (¯īšƒÂ¯) ~

Lastly, thank you so very much for sharing your game; so very glad to have come across and played it!!! (*^â–Ŋ^*)

o.O Ah, don't say such things!! Lol, thank you for the kind words and yes, I might have liked to make the game longer, but then we would have had to answer a lot of awkward questions:

  • How will the rest of society accept their relationship? 
  • Won't the company that bought Silas' commission want him back since he's technically their property? 
  • Will Silas' malfunctions not get worse over time? 
  • How would MC and Silas... uh... consummate their love? 
  • Would they?

Haha, I decided pretty early on that I wanted the players to be able to imagine the answers to all of those questions on their own. I hope the element of unknown will keep people thinking about this little game of mine longer. ;) Thanks so much for leaving a comment!