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What is the secret ending?

You should make a guide to the Sniffets too.

Bullshit. You can't resist the damage well with most equipments and if your damage with supereffective damage is already mediocre, attempting to use any other move will just straight up tickle them, and unless the boss is into that, it means no damage either. It doesn't matter if I'm not forced to do Badass battle with them because they're still excessively hard to beat in a Normal battle. Weighting mechanics against the player doesn't make the combat "complex", adding strategy makes the combat complex, because there is no strategy in this game, you just stack a bunch of stats, use only supereffective attacks, try to never miss them and hope that the boss won't take you out when you try to use your consumables. This isn't strategy, its a formula and it has been the formula against every boss in the game.

Honestly, nothing you said addressed any of the issues I pointed out. "The mechanic isn't perfect" doesn't cut it, I never said it should be perfect, I said it was weighted against the player, which it IS, and no, consumables aren't that broken. I had all of the fisherman's food unlocked (somehow the damn things reset) as I used said food to beat Grant X, so its not unfamiliar to me. But when you have a limit of six consumables and the boss can destroy your health in two attacks, while you're forced to hit him AT LEAST four times if your damage is high enough. My stats aren't bad, I have some really good gear, but if I'm really expected to grind for HOURS to get better gear (because the very best gear is purchasable with materials that come in very small amounts where you farm them), the least I should get is a battle mechanic that doesn't throw all disadvantages in my face.

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I don't know if anyone else feels this way about the game, but despite having unlocked a LOT of things in it (dare I say most, I even reached the dragon guy, still didn't beat him), I feel like the combat system is detracting from my experience. The game itself is fairly grindy when it comes to materials, but I understand that a lot of people love to grind for stuff, so I see that as mostly fine (though some item drops could use some number increases). But my main issue is how the combat feels like it throws a lot of disadvantages on the player and makes many fights unnecessarily difficult.

Think about it, in your favor you have:

- Knowledge of the moves the enemy is weak to once you beat them with those (or use the guide)

- Consumable items

Against you, however, you have:

- Your damage cannot hit through multiple phases, while the enemies' can, sometimes going as far as jumping an entire phase if the damage is high enough

- You spend your own health to use attacks, while enemies' health is untouched when they use their own.

- You need to time your buttons to get your attacks to hit, while the enemy will NEVER miss their attacks

- You need to level up and grind to acquire all moves, and many fights straight up cannot be won if you don't always use the "supereffective" moves on the enemy

- You also need to grind to get the consumable items that are one of your advantages, as well as good enough equipment to reach a point in which you can, struggling, beat the stronger enemies

Its just way too much stuff going against you in these fights. Why does your healthbar even have phases if the enemies always ignore them? Why don't they miss their attacks if you have good enough equipment, for example? I enjoy this game's concept greatly and even the art style, which wasn't one of my favourites, grew on me, because its not bad at all. I loved following through the silly story and banging all guys in it, but the combat is just making things really infuriating. I can try to go through the dragon again, but even if I win, it will be because I played to absolute perfection and had a bunch of expensive consumables with me. This shouldn't be so hard, we have Badass mode for that, its legitimately stopping me from enjoying what would otherwise be an amazing game.

For you, not for anyone else. What part of CHOOSE is too hard for you to understand? If YOU don't want to CHOOSE to undo your stuff, don't undo it. Giving the feature to everyone else and randomly taking away it is a bad design decision.

Did save files ever defeat the point of any choice-based RPG? If someone wants to have the experience of not changing their choice, they can CHOOSE to not change it, while those who prefer a perfect run will choose to change it. The good part of these games is that you can experiment with your choices, there is a freedom in that which makes more people happy. Taking that away in ONE choice without a good warning is terrible and inconsistent.

So, about the thing with Nameless, unless there is a way to change that later on, allowing us to achieve any of the possible outcomes with him, I really think it was a terrible choice. "Be careful when confronting him" isn't enough of a warning that the save feature we've been using for several quests will not work in this one, and I sure as hell am not going to replay the entire game just so I can try another choice. Be careful with how you handle this questline in the future, because you may end up killing the game for a lot of people, including myself.

Will you stop saying nonsense? Working on something you enjoy is not bad for mental health, in fact, it usually keeps your mind grounded and distracted from problems. If anything, working on the game or anything else he likes would be an excellent idea.

Question: is there any limit to romances? Like, if I romance one character, can I romance the other options, or will I be restricted to the one I started?

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Honestly, the card game needs some serious adjustments or just be removed entirely. First off, I'm pretty sure most people play these kinds of games to enjoy themselves and have a good time, this card game basically forces you in a situation in which you need to strategize way too much in comparison to any other minigame, hell, I'm not even able to beat a lvl 11 guy while being lvl 10. Also, the duel thing is so horribly rigged its not even funny, out of around 30 times I duelled in the cards, I maybe won three times, why even have that mechanic if its so obviously tilted in the enemy's favor? And why lock the story behind that shit? If it was a side quest, maybe I could try finishing it after the main story, but being forced into that is absolutely ridiculous in its current conditions, not to mention you have to cycle through a whole day to get to the same opponent again. And there are many things that I personally didn't like (like how there is a massive spike in difficulty starting from the point where you have to get the stone dick), but overall I had a great time, which makes this stupid card game's interference even more frustrating.

I have no idea where to get Aconitum and I only have one day before full moon. The mission told me to just wait, but then, in the day of the fucking event, it tells me I need to craft stuff? Where do I find it?

I'll try both, but I won't lie, I hope DP comes first. I loved the sex scenes in that game, they were very unique. Question will it be purely gay, like the first one? I sure hope so.


How do I unlock the new Kol CG from 0.96?

How do I unlock the new CG?

You mean you'll consider it? Thats amazing! Btw, I really like the idea of the game, and I love that you went with an uncommon design such as a spiderboy for a protagonist.

Question: would you consider making "no defeat conditions" an option? I understand it undermines the gameplay in many ways, but think of this as an easy mode for people who want to follow the story and the CGs and aren't that good at JRPG and management.

The image is very misleading, I expected art for each transformation. How boring.

I checked the gallery and there are nine slots, I unlocked all except scene 5 and 9, which ones are those and how do I unlock them?

Is there a guide for how to get all CGs?

Actually, since he mentioned bath scenes, how about you making one bath scene for each character? Its something that happens with all of the guys, and we only get to see the sprites. Also, situations like Yoshi going to the locker room and finding Razix and Nasir naked should happen more often, you know, Yoshi randomly finding people naked, specially if there was a sexy CG focused on the crew character of the situation. Oh, and since I talked about sprites, a sprite viewer would be nice as well. I know I'm kinda wishlisting, but it just came to my mind.

Okay, what does the secret story ending unlock? I got that ending, but don't know where to use it.

You should say how to get some of those. For example, in some cases its too much trial and error, like choosing to be top or bottom with Razzi. Not to mention I have yet to get any close to Yoshi's demise...

Is there a walkthrough?

I'd love a guide for this game, the art is really cool and so is the theme.

This doesn't happen...

While I do like romantic stories, I'd like to know how sexual this game gets? You say its T, so obviously nothing explicit. Do we at least get scenes with them in undies?

Two questions about CGs, how do I unlock Zed and Yoshi in bed 1 and how do I get Yoshi's death?

Sir... I need the guide for all of the new 0.90 CGs, PLEASE!!!!

I got it! Damn, Razzi looks delicious as a bottom. Can't wait to see the upcoming CGs for everyone. Hopefully you'll make a walkthrough as well.

How do I top Razix? I remember I did it long time ago (I think Doc didn't even have sprites), but now I don't remember how...

Okay, I remember being able to do that, but I cannot reach that point in the story, what do I do to top him?

No, you don't get it. There are two CGs for Razix, right? I have the older one, but don't know how to unlock the new  one. The one from Chapter 10 is the one I have.

I had Razzi's 0.80 CG unlocked, how do I unlock the one released in 0.85?

Btw, I heard there is a scene where you top Razzi... please tell me there is a CG coming for that!!!

How do you get the CGs? I completed the story with Razix, but didn't get his.

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Okay, so, in all relationships, I unlock the first 6 CGs and then the 8th one, but the 7th isn't unlocked. How do I do it? In all of them. (except the threesomes, of course)

I know it feels kinda patronizing, but I think the reason there is a lack of male portrait support is because the game doesn't seem to be advertised that way. The pics in game (like the slave market background) as well as the images in the game's page show only women, so it doesn't feel like men are involved at all. Maybe make it more clear that its supported will attract more artists to make more male portraits.

Are there any nude CGs outside of Finn showing his butt? Because I only seem to get them clothed, or under sheaths...