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Holly crap that was hard. Everything is just too fast which makes it really hard to get jumps consistently on the tiny platforms. I would also for this type of game have the player on the left of the screen so you can see more of what is coming up. In the last section I only made it because if I was in 3rd gear hitting the horizontal spikes, I just bounced me off like a wall. I had to fall on them for me to kill me. Not sure if I would have beat it without that though. Overall I like the concept but the level design and speed make it really hard.

First at all thanks for playing and thanks for the honest feedback. Always appreciate it. And it's a bug that the game runs so fast. For some reason delta isnt doing its job right. Since the games speed dicreases in lower fps and increases in higher fps. I have checked my code multiple times and showed it to others, seems to be okay. My current fix is to force run the game on 60 fps so it doesnt go above. And the thing about the camera... I always wanted to implement it but i have no idea how you would do that in godot. Shouldnt be too hard to find out though. I'll try implementig it in my next game.