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Time does not change accuracy of statement.  Capitilasm is not without problems but it sure does have a WAY lower death toll


check it out i can be a dipshit with numbers too


Except unlike the anti communist lists with pogroms and camps and famines, you include responses to communist offensive efforts on your list, such as the Korean War. At least try with this shit.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes, people die.But murica bad am i right?I dare you to post a parody of this in China, Venezuela, or any other country that is your dream-land.

Deleted 1 year ago

lmao captalists are like: "communism BAD, CAPTALISM GOOD"

when millions of people die around the world due to imperialist ambitions and corporate greed


Propaganda to call "No people will not work to their best without something to gain" (i.e. "human nature") propaganda. Nice lack of self awareness.