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Your game is scary

Yes, people die.But murica bad am i right?I dare you to post a parody of this in China, Venezuela, or any other country that is your dream-land.

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A little preachy, but not bad.As a side note this is the same Ui as that again, very preachy.Might be satire though,

Oh.Animals breeding would be cool as well, there's a limited amount of hare/deer, which is a little depressing, but I guess that's for balancing.

No clue how hard this would be, but unique racial abilities, that in the future could possibly be stolen (From what i've read in the description) would be neat.

Like vampires getting buffs from blood-saturation, and maybe liches being able to raise undead from souls they eat.That's all really, fun game, I don't know how to progress past level 2, but it reminds me of a fantasy cog-mind, but in alpha.

Maybe it's just me, but this would be nice with a philosophical message.Like having the statue grow un-maintained as your cultists beat you in power.