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I make games for a living.

That's literally what pays my bills.

And frankly, call of duty is a shit franchise.

The point of my comment is to give criticism.  That's accomplished.  You don't have to agree with the criticism or even change because of it.

I never like when a game locks you into a single choice or force you to do something.  That's why I primarily play sprawling rpg's with non linear story's and if it has multiple endings I'm all the happier.

That's why D&D still has a place in modern gaming.  Because the more flexible interaction between player and dm makes the gameplay more personal.

Limiting a player's options can be an incredible tool.

It can be used to force the player to feel an emotion or make a decision they would find difficult.

But when you artificially limit the options in a scope that wouldnt normally have such limits it distances the player from their virtual counterpart.  It injects a separation that is destructive to the narrative.

Time does not change accuracy of statement.  Capitilasm is not without problems but it sure does have a WAY lower death toll

If you wanted options that were irrational and fun and just about exhibing the absurd amount of money he is worth you could have options like
"Buy 181, 818 classic Rubber Ducks for $1m"
"Buy a building and demolish it for fun"
"Send free coffee to every college campus in America"

If you want to make spending an absurd amount of money fun you let people spend it on common things that are relevant to their daily lives and you show them just how many times over a person worth that much could have everything you could ever dream of wanting.

the point of the game is anti-capitalist propaganda masked in satyr.

There are a great many obvious things you could spend stupid amounts of money on that are left out.

"Pay for the wall but not build it"

Why is that an option instead of say

"Pay for 10 years of cancer cure research"

"Donate to Mental Health Charities"

"Pay to replace the coal power industry (go green)"


Because there are plenty of things you could put but non of them are political issues the creator cares about.

It's not a game.

It's not entertainment.

It's just political satire at its usual low, short sighted, and selfish level.

my problem, like I said, is that it isn't fun.
There are several points in the game where you are forced to choose an action to take from a list that does not contain an action I would take.

For instance,
"your family breaks in.... blah, blah, blah"
Explain the being a billionaire is immoral (it's not, so how can I)
Direct your nephew to twitter and turn him into a socialist (wow.... how is that my only other option?"

there are a great many situations in this "game" where you aren't left with any choices I would willingly take.
After leaving those replies last night I played through several times seeing If I could actually get to the end of the game without spending money on anything I find distasteful or making a choice I would never make.  I could not.  I played through completely six times and could not reach the end without doing things I did not want to do.


mild correction

At some point its been patched so you can reach the end with a ton of money left over and only do one or two things I would rather not.  Oh and one I would never but that's not about spending money.  That's when the in laws break in.  There is no good option.

not gunna lie

You could probably make bank on that idea as a mobile game

I think your missing that spending that amount if money "my way" isnt possible in the game.

I played it all the way to the end.

It isnt physically possible to reach the end without spending money on things I would NEVER spend money on.  Even if I had unlimited money.

I think you're also missing the point that he doesnt have that money.  You aren't spending his money your way because he doesnt have that to spend.  He'd have to liquidate every asset he controls to have most of that and he'd lose about 30-40% to various taxes in the process

that sounds equally dumb

Why trade one brand of stupidity for another?

yeah, dont you know it's only illegal to espouse your opinion if you ARE  a conservative that believes in things like individual rights and freedoms.

Violence and hate are fine as long as you hate the right groups of people am I right! Go antifa! Let's start another wandering mob and burn down some peoples businesses and beat random people to death in the street!!!


What a terrible game.

It took massive run arounds to get to screens that i had ANYTHING I would spend money on.  Which wasnt even close to enough money to clear the game.

While the game does acknowledge that Jeff Bezos doesnt actually have access to that much money at one time, it's worth calculated by owned investments, it doesnt do so unless you avoid spending the money at all costs.