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I make games for a living.

That's literally what pays my bills.

And frankly, call of duty is a shit franchise.

The point of my comment is to give criticism.  That's accomplished.  You don't have to agree with the criticism or even change because of it.

I never like when a game locks you into a single choice or force you to do something.  That's why I primarily play sprawling rpg's with non linear story's and if it has multiple endings I'm all the happier.

That's why D&D still has a place in modern gaming.  Because the more flexible interaction between player and dm makes the gameplay more personal.

Limiting a player's options can be an incredible tool.

It can be used to force the player to feel an emotion or make a decision they would find difficult.

But when you artificially limit the options in a scope that wouldnt normally have such limits it distances the player from their virtual counterpart.  It injects a separation that is destructive to the narrative.