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do the villagers like, remember that they were chickens and laying eggs and whatnot? that would really mess with me

finally a visual novel everyone can enjoy

hell yeah super into this concept

i really hate looking at it, but i guess i gotta play it if i want new best friends #content

what if instead of stupidity it was cupidity and it was jess lesbos ruthlessly acquiring obscene sums of money so she could pay off all her debts to cam girls?

ping me if you ever make "You Are (In A Closet With) Jeff Bezos (And You Are Armed)"

what if instead of jeff bezos it was jess lesbos and she spent all her money eating pussy and putting fluoride in the water to make what few surviving frogs we have gay? food for thought

thanks for finally confirming the truth that I'm an outdated meme

solid puzzle game!

hell yeah frog mouse battle

gotta love any game with yahoo answers as a mechanic

other than some weird audio mixing (apedemak is crazy loud and i can hardly hear gilgamesh or nun), pretty solid!

this is a fucking rad idea

you're making sure to raise things other than star power, right? like, my band had two folk dedicated to star power and two folk dedicated to writing with the other two stats being split up between 'em if I recall (it's been a minute, but I check the site for updates every now and then). if worst comes to worst, you can always donate and get those sweet sweet cheats.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

Are there any plans for a Windows release? The game looks pretty cool, I'd love to try it!

This is really cool! Followed!

Man, this is a sweet ass concept! Downloading now! Also, if you're gonna make a sequel, I humbly request that time Thor had to dress as Thrym's bride

I will play literally anything with hard rockin' guitar women. Downloading this ASAP.