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After reviewing process, finally I have enough time to check some 7DRL entries at my own. I heard good things about Quinta Essentia, and I wasn't disappointed. The first thing I noticed is Unity, though - and I didn't play good unity 7drl... Well, until now. I could write long post about game mechanics, alchemy system, graphics (even if it's based on existing tilesets), etc. But as most impressive I found how you managed, in 7 days, to make that big *and* polished game. 

Ah, but besides compliments, I have bug report for you. It was my first run - I checked "?" already, dragged map here and there as well. I wanted to move right, towards couldron (but I wasn't bumping it yet). Animation started to process, but then game froze - I had kill it manually. No error messages, no log file created. I was playing in 1366x768 window, on easy, using slavic herb names; world seed: seed872.

edit: It's a long shot, but... are you Deaven from ADOM forum?

I can reproduce it. All you need to do is run game under seed872, on easy, then move.

I tried to test it a bit, so - some 1. I can reproduce bug only under this specific seed. 2. Resolution and fullscreen status are irrelevant. 3. It doesn't trigger on medium nor on hard. 4. Herb naming style doesn't matter.

Thanks for warm words. As for the scope of the game, it was doable because I based it on my own engine which I've been working on for over a year. I heard many things recently about difficulties in creating roguelikes in Unity and it encourages me to reveal my engine and make it open-source.

Thank you for precise bug report, I'll look into it.

And yes, I'm Deaven from old :D A ty kto?

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A ja Elv :) Nice to see you - sticking with roguelikes after all these years :). Strange that I didn't notice it during playing Artifex Gladii, though.

Great to see a fellow!

Podrzuć jakiś kontakt na Forum padło tak nagle, że straciłem wszystkich ludzi z oczu.