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Can't find the secret area. I did manage to get myself stuck outside of the map area. If you go to the upper right corner of the upper square green room it is possible to jump up from there off the screen up and to the right and you end up outside the map in a 2 room empty space right above the large green rectangle room.


Did you find the cave with the tombstones? (It's only a secret place lore-wise, in-game it's pretty easy to find. But this place does have a secret.)

Thanks for reporting me that bug. I reproduced it, and I will be able to fix it for the next version. (If you restart the game, you will be sent back to your last save point, so you should not be stuck forever.)


Oh I got it. The boss fight wasn't triggered the first time I was there. I think I know why but I don't want to leave any spoilers. I look forward to seeing whatever you do next.

can someone of you please help me?
I did the new area, including that boss fight,

but I cant get into the 3 or 4 connected rooms to the left of the new area cause you need some key I dont have.

I think I collected everything you can from the forest.
only the third item on the scrren where you have basement key and stuff is still missing :-(

Also visited the new friendly face but it is only happy that I have done my job.
and the new decorations there dont give me anything new either :-(