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You can change it in the settings:

Or even switch to fullscreen if you want :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I will be curious to know what your best time is ;)

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

That's something I would like to do, yes.  Though I don't yet know what shape it will take. Working on it ;)

You're standing right next to the Pirate's Lair on this image, yes.

Ancient Gears can be traded to the artificer for something cool ;)

Fixed it, thanks! ;)

Welcome to itch! I use butler to publish builds of my games to

It's really handy! First I have a script to copy the final version of my game's files (the .exe, .dll, the content archives, etc) to a folder, then I have a second script that butler push that folder to itch, and that's it!

The hookshot occupies the same spot as the mercury vial in the inventory. So you do have the hookshot, but it's hidden by the second vial you're not supposed to have.

(I just fixed that bug, thanks again for letting me know!)

You can indeed edit the save file to remove the second vial. First, make sure to exit the game. Then open "save1.json" with a text editor. When you see


replaces it with


That should do the trick. The extra vial will be gone, and the hookshot will reappear in the inventory.

Sorry for the inconvenience! But thanks for reporting these bugs to me, it's really useful ;)

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Hi everyone!

I'm a french game programmer whose hobby is... making more games on my spare time?! That can't be healthy, but who cares, I have fun doing so. ;)

Last year I made a free metroidvania, and this year I'm getting serious and paying tribute to my favorite series of all time: The Legend of Zelda. I just wanted to make a good old action-adventure game, with an interesting world to explore! I aimed for something halfway between Link's Awakening and The Minish Cap:

Many traditional items and enemies make an appearance as you explore the overworld and the dungeons. The quest is complete, offering 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. Here's the pitch:

The people of Falern have a tradition: young adults desirous to leave the island must first complete a wake at the Lunar Temple. But it's been years since anyone reached the temple, and these days terrible storms plague the ocean. Leaving is not an option. And yet, here comes young Lloyd, dreaming of adventure and itching to follow in the footsteps of his missing parents. Monsters, puzzles and dungeons await!

Except for the public-domain music, I made everything myself. It's a small scale game, but I'm quite proud of it. There's a good chance I will keep updating it in the future: answering players' feedback, adding polish and maybe even new content!

It's completely free, so I hope you will check it out!

And if you do, please let me know what you thought of it ;)

Legends of Aereven: Lunar Wake ( page)

Thanks for letting me know! I have fixed the bug ;)

Hope you will enjoy the game!

Glad you enjoyed the game! ;)

It took three months (working on mornings, lunch breaks, evenings and weekends) to make the first released version, and another three for the final one (with a thankfully more leisurely pace). That being said, I had most of the tech and tools ready when I started, and had done a few similar prototypes in the past (some enemies are lifted straight from them). Also, I had a soft deadline that helped me scope small and keep me focused and on track, which helped.

You're in a Jailkeeper's ship so... could it be the panels are displaying the prisoners and their status? Maybe a green light means the prisoner is still safely in custody, but a red one indicates they escaped? :o

I'm goofing around, but don't worry: you've already defeated the boss with the green light. (It was the big eye thingy! That panel is a bit of foreshadowing for the final boss, and one of the many hints for the shocking reveal!)

I'm guessing the item you're missing is a Trophy, either for a secret boss or the reward for collecting all the Strange Eggs. If it's one of the bosses, one of them is behind a closed door in the temple, and the other is buried under a tombstone. Hope this helps!

Save files are compatible, so you can just update the game and all your progress will be there, just as you left it ;)

How many eggs do you have in your inventory? (There's a counter just below the item's description)

I'm glad you liked it! :D

For the last ending, if you're talking about the "Shards" ending, here is a quick explanation (full of spoilers, of course):

If you don't have it, the "Magnetic Core" upgrade is a big help for this fight. ;)

Oops! I fixed that for version 1.2.4. Thanks for the tip!

English is not my native language, so yeah, typos are entirely possible. I think I fixed a few of them, so thank you for warning me. :)

I don't use MonoGame, no.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Yep, the gameplay code is C#, but the low-level code is C++ with SDL2 and a custom OpenGL renderer.

I did not really track development time, but I made The Lighkeeper on my spare time, and started around November of last year. Released it near the end of January. Then I updated it regularly ever since. So yeah, a few months of hard work. :)

It is a secret. Now that you have all the other items, there's a certain place you should revisit. I'm not telling which one, though. ;)

Yeah, you can't just crouch and move... initially. In true Metroid fashion, that's what the Morphball power-up is for. Keep exploring, and you will find it. ;)

Did you find the cave with the tombstones? (It's only a secret place lore-wise, in-game it's pretty easy to find. But this place does have a secret.)

Thanks for reporting me that bug. I reproduced it, and I will be able to fix it for the next version. (If you restart the game, you will be sent back to your last save point, so you should not be stuck forever.)

I'm glad you liked it! :)

I have a small custom platform layer built in C on top of SDL2 and OpenGL. Then it's all .NET with a custom ECS system. Nothing fancy, but it works very well for me. :)

Thanks! :)
I'm not sure about a Linux build. It's possible, I guess, but it would be a lot of work, and if my previous games are any indication, the vast majority of people download the Windows build anyway. And then when I update the game, I would also need to build and test on multiple platforms... To be honest, I would rather spend my energy on new content or altogether new games. But then again, who knows. It may happen some day. :)

Yes, I plan to add customizable button mapping in a later update. Right now, you can also use the RB trigger button to shoot. I find it easier that way. I know it's not explained anywhere... I also plan on adding a better summary of the controls. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

As you found out, some upgrades are completely optional. But if you finish the game with all items, you get a slightly different ending. ;)
I'm glad you liked the game! I do plan on fleshing it out and adding new areas in the future ;)

Problem 1 should be solved with version 1.0.3 :)

Thanks for the detailed report, it's very helpful! :)

For problem 1, I've seen people having trouble jumping out of the water. The character would sometimes 'stick' and you would have to press jump again to leave the surface. But I've never seen someone ending up outright stuck. I need to investigate this further...

For problem 2, couldn't you use the ladders to get up to the main hub?

Again, thank you for your feedback :)

Could you tell me how it happened? I may be able to fix it :)

Oops! I uploaded the wrong version...
The new version should be OK.
Thanks for letting me know! ;)

You can find a check list in the game itself, from the title screen.

You're welcome! :)
No need for money, knowing GrimAce is useful to you is all the reward I need :D

You can still position them by variables with them having different sizes, if you use a reference point (like the middle/bottom of the sprite).

But you're right that the trimming should be optional. I added an option to turn it off in the latest revision ;)

I had the feature on my To-Do List for a while, so I took the time to code it.

The new Revision 8 now includes a "Duplicate pose" button ;)

I opened your file using the latest version, and it looks exactly like Photoshop. But I use CS4, so I'm not sure everything's there. Is that how it's supposed to look?

I just published this version, if you want to try it for yourself :)

Sure, you can drop me an email at I will take a look at it next week :)

At least we're making some progress :)

I uploaded a new version with some bug fixes revolving around masks, but if you're using features unique to CC it may not be what you're looking for.

Could you please describe what exactly does not work with your masks? And if possible, could you please send me a PSD file showcasing those problems, so I can investigate further?


Okay, I'm back, and with a new version.

I believe the last problem was due to me taking some shortcuts with the layer groups that work with files saved by CS* but not CC. It should be fixed.
I also improved the support for the layer masks.

That being said, the adjustment layers are currently not supported. I would like to support some of them (probably levels, curves, gradient map, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation & color balance) but they're very tricky and the documentation is... not great. So it will take time, at the very least.

Sorry 'bout that, re-implementing Photoshop's renderer is no easy task, and it will take some times before everything turns out perfectly ^^'