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This looks great! would you consider releasing the source code?

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Proper releasing would require to clean it up and what not because the code sucks. 

It's written in plain js (+ browser api), not minified nor anything so feel free to just download as is with dev tools.

No comments and full of anti-patterns - it is what it is. I don't mind you taking a look, although I doubt you'll find anything of value.

Let know if you make any use of it or you have trouble running it!

Thanks! I could really make use of this algorithm, since it's coded in js it would be easy to translate for actual game development.

However I'm more used to working with Unity and C#, could you tell me how exactly i can download it?

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E.g. in Chrome you can: 

- open the dev tools (e.g. menu -> more tools -> developer tools) 

- go to "sources" tab -> right-bar -> index.html

- download index.html file and grid.js file


that being said I just did a sloppy implementation of: - I'll believe you'll have more luck just reading that - there is even C# example implementation there you can use.

Good luck!