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Absolutely, as long as proper credit is given, go for it! I'm happy the game made you feel so nostalgic, that's what I was going for with this project :)
this guy is charging people for pixel art planets he's making with this page. Report this to get it taken down

Thank you so much for letting me know, I'll try my best to take action on this, any help would be appreciated as well.

I'm currently working on an update to smooth out the game a bit + add some new stuff, sorry about the crash, this game isnt the most stable lol

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I made it in version 2019 but if you open in it a higher version it should convert everything just fine.

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Sorry, the mac build probably isnt the most stable thing, I built this for windows platforms, but made a mac build just in an attempt for you mac users. Im not really sure what i do wrong but my appilcations never run properly on macs :/

I really enjoyed the video! sorry about the crash haha. I'll probably make an update soon that fixes that and probably adds a few blocks perhaps.

the controls are impossible to get down and they feel inconsistant. There is no consistant build from easy to hard the game just starts with these frustrating controls and obsticals which discouraged me from even playing further than half of this game, I did finish however but in the end i felt i accomplished nothing but stress and irritation. This game is not "challenging", its just flat out so irritating its boring.

Yeah. you'd have to make sure the button components are accepting touch and not just mouse input. I'm pretty sure i made my own button scripts rather than using unity's default ones. Look into that script and be sure its looking for touch as well.

I'm pretty sure i did something like this in the code:

if(Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") > 0) block++;
if(Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") < 0) block--;

if(block < 0) block = maxBlock;

if(block > maxBlock) block = 0;

I looked for an input axis rather than a Input.GetKeyDown, so just replace this section with something like that.

that's all in the unity project files. you'd have to change the textures there and then re build the application

download the application and the mac application should be in the 'Mac' folder


didnt use any of that lol. just a bunch of standard asset packs for the rendering effects.

that's a real compliment lol thank you

in the folder with the exe. all user data and world data is stored in '' :)

open the cave game folder and run the exe.

in the game folder, the world data (as well as options data) is stored in the "" file :)

I appreciate the support but i don't think I will. This was just a fun project I'm probably not gonna pick up again. I will be releasing more content soon though.

it can only be run from pc. it can't be run from mobile or from the browser.

thank you!

download the game, not the unity project. then run the exe

thanks man

you make press button on after it could then do it

the graphics and gamplay all tie together very well. however the controls are too fast and feel uncontrollable. it's to the point where timing jumps properly would only occur from pure luck. There are also no given goals in the game and you have to find them out for yourself, some direction would be nice. overall very cute and fun game though but it has room for improvement!

Yep! its LØST PHO3NIX#0510

I have over 6 years experience in music composition and production as well ass sfx and miscellaneous sound design. I can produce any kind of music/sfx you need for your game or any project of the sort.

for music I offer $40 per 2-4 minute track, for Sounds I offer roughly a $1-$2 per sound clip depending on how long it needs to be (wether it's an ambiance loop, or like a simple quick sound effect) prices are negotiable as well.

I can create a wide varity of genres you need for your music including orchestral, ambient, retro/chiptune, electronic, upbeat, EDM, dubstep, melodic, etc.

I have a wide skillset for sound and I'd love to hear from you if any of this would play useful to your projects!

Very interesting game! I absolutely love this style of mystery and uncertainty in games. Very well put together and super unique. Sounds were great too. Awesome work!

Of course, as long as credit is given, this project is completely free to use in whatever way you need. Can't wait to see what you make!

Thanks for playing! Yeah the game has it's bugs.
Looks like i must have uploaded the game with a save file that already exists. So in turn it loads that world that i last generated, however each time it does generate a different terrain.

I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed my recreation!

got to 110 haha. Very fun little game!

Apologies for any cross platform errors. Not sure I'll ever get back to this project, as it was just a fun concept, and was originally made for windows PC.

I'm happy you enjoyed it though!

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Everything here was made in a different engine than minecraft actually was. All the effects you see were put together with the Unity3D engines standard assets. As minecraft was programmed in Java, there isn't really any way to translate these effects to the original game.

In a way, yes. Except not Unity's built in Mathf.PerlinNoise. As that method generates 2D noise. What i did was i used a 3D perlin noise script (that was not made by me) and modified it to be more concentrated the lower the y axis is, thus making a hilly terrain. I used the same algorithm but without the y axis modification to generate the caves, as well.

1. no
2. it serializes the world data to a file. if that file exists, then it loads that saved file rather than a new world.
3. yes
4. no, it uses chunks


Cool video! thanks for checking it out!

okay then so you're on mobile? if so this game is meant for pc, sorry

Great work! very clean art!!