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Oh no.  I'm … trapped in the Animal Island treehouse. There's no exit, only an entrance? 

Yikes!  Let's get you out of that treehouse!  I just uploaded Mac and PC version 0.2.5  and that version should fix the problem.  I changed the heal spell to only heal allies.  I had this grand idea that I'd let the player strategize by bouncing heal spells off the enemy using a combo of reflect and heal, but in practice, the targeting plugin that I am using to do this sometimes only lets you select a single unintended target.  Oh well, that should not be a problem now.  I also addressed all of your grammar and spelling concerns.  Thanks again for all of your feedback - I appreciate it immensely!  

Sometimes when I'm reflecting spells,  they heal the enemy.  Also,  if I have reflect all on, healing my team… heals the enemy.

In the flashback, it says "Bathor” . 

Good catch - I did a search and found a few other instances of "Bathor" which will be fixed when 0.2.8 comes out.


This is by design.  If you reflect a fire spell on a fire elemental creature, it makes him stronger (heals him).  This is also the case if an ally casts fire on an elemental fire creature.  I did this so that the player has to use a little more strategy when using reflect and spells in general.