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Download link does not work. 

Disabled all elemental augments; my guys are still healing enemies sometimes?!

There's one past the broken bridge in… the spell dungeon, I think.  I can't see any way to get to it .

There's a red chest on the far right of one of the towns (I'll have to check which one) that's also seemingly inaccessible.

Found two chests that I think are deliberately totally inaccessible…

Are those two areas in the spell dungeon supposed to have four beds just to taunt me, or am I supposed to be able to sleep there?

It does NOT appear that they are friendly or confused, which is why I am so frustrated. It's super weird.

Animal Island has some weirdness going on…

I keep getting into battles where my allies will only attack Echo. I'm having to friendly my enemies to death.

Echo's super slash sometimes … heals the enemies?!

In the flashback, it says "Bathor” . 

Sometimes when I'm reflecting spells,  they heal the enemy.  Also,  if I have reflect all on, healing my team… heals the enemy.

… Uh, you realize this game is basically "corner the Autistic kid and make him very,  very uncomfortable", right? If someone backed me into a corner, I'd straight up panic.

So, uh, questionable job understanding Autism there.

Game crashed when Sarcastic Ghost joined my party. 

Oh no.  I'm … trapped in the Animal Island treehouse. There's no exit, only an entrance? 

Trollan just said "I'm missed you more than you  know. "

Also,  I'm having a weird thing where sometimes,  even when there is no spell on him,  Trollan cannot heal anyone except the front enemy.

Found a couple more.  References to the shears use the verb "sheer” , and Trollan could not "bare”  to extract resources.

You've got a little typo there…

I would really love it if the game had an endings tracker. Any hope of that happening in the future? 

I keep getting this after battles, which is crashing the game. 

As far as I can tell,  it affects almost every Ren'Py game I download through the Itch app.  Something about the permissions not being set properly because of translocation on Macs.

Getting 100 scorchberries was M U R D E R,  but so worth it since I was able to see all the endings without replaying the whole game (I'm having that bug where I can't save Ren'Py games), That was so cute! I'd love to see continued adventures of these characters!

The game won't let me save.  Please help? 

(It won't let me save, either. )

Web version isn’t working.

Failed to load: data/Actors.json

So … that's not good. 

I’m afraid that I’m not able to save. 

"No valid save locations” is the error. 

Uh… your Windows and Mac downloads are bundled together. 

Mischief Maker.ogg is missing, so the new version of the game won't work.

I'm looking forward to your next release! :D

Itch app says it took about 3 hours? I know that at least once I saved and restarted so probably less than that. I don't think I found any bugs.

Let me know when you think you've got it fixed, and I'l try it again! :)

Uh, is the endless dragon-battle loop supposed to be happening? I keep defeating it and leveling…

I've had a lot of fun with this! I'd love to see the finished game.

Okay, so I got the mushrooms for the mushroom guy in the forest but he doesn't know i have them?

Is there anything that increases chances of drops? I'm having trouble doing the quests that involve drops.

Thanks! I will try that.

Most of the necessary stock assets are missing.