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The Mac version isn't working for me. It says the file is damaged. I already tried reinstalling.

I have Nordlicht for my Switch lite.

1) I can't interact with a number of key items and I thought maybe I had done something wrong?

2) I tried to start a new game to fix the issue, and it didn't create a new game, it just played the opening sequence again, but my inventory contained everything from the previous game.

The Mac version is listed as damaged when it's unpacked from the zip file.

This is from the Mac version:

Thanks! I think she'd appreciate not being exposed to the world like that. XD

I just started playing and the first time I meet Liberty outside the museum, the second time she appears on screen, she's … naked. I mean, well, you know, not … naked, but all her clothing is a flesh-toned bodysuit instead of her t-shirt?



No worries. I'm still interested to play. 

I'll see if Wine feels amenable. 

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Help! I'm … not sure how the heck to get the chest behind those barrels? I tried jumping and I can't seem to push them… ?

AHA! I got it.

I got the five start dish but I'm not sure I got the bonus ending?

Long sleeve shirt, jeans, and I think the boots, not the wellies, but I'm not 100% on that last bit.

Finally played this! Um, I dressed the dummy in the sunhat and Gakuto said I put sunglasses on him?

Thanks for letting me know! I'd love to play more if this game ever gets a second wind. 

Literally the very beginning. I don't think I even got to the starter screen of the game. 

Got this error on the Mac version.

Uh… Why is the download 9 individual files?

I'm stuck! I found a gate but can't find the key. I have a lighter, a map, and the regular house keys.

I got attacked by five wasps right at the beginning and I'm trying to figure out how to heal up.

Loading from save on the Mac version, everything is in German even though I started and saved the game in English.

I'm stuck on the password? Is there supposed to be something in the notebook to help me?

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I managed to beat the game, but I see no way to get to that chest next to the blue demon or the one in the lower right corner of the dungeon. Are they just there to taunt the player?

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Right now the assassin in the town is … really, really strong. I'm kinda scared to fight anyone right now? But I'm gonna walk around town and see if I survive anyone.

Is the Scattered Grove as far as things go right now?

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The game doesn't accept arrow key inputs, just WASD. If you aren't going to accept arrow key inputs, maybe let folks know in the blurb? I was super sure there was something wrong with my keyboard or my controller before I realized maybe arrow keys weren't enabled.

Oh, yeah, that's solid. Thanks for reminding me to try the in-browser option. I often forget to see if it's even available.

Ah! Getting Mr. Rat in exactly the right place is really hard! No wonder I was stuck!

This is the newer release I got off of Mediafire, Mac version.

Ooh, and the airship guy stranded me in the ocean? D:

The gizzard guy won't pay me.

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I went to talk to Daniel before I got armor and weapons and now … the queens are gone and the plot won't advance? I'm going to rollback to a previous save but that's a Problem.

Okay, so I went shopping first and picked up Daniel and they're … still gone, but nobody's saying anything about it?

I can't seem to download the demo?

I'm stuck trying to distract the guard. There are no hints and I am not sure I have the items necessary to move forward?

Abandon community · Created a new topic Hints?

I'm almost through with the game but I'm missing some achievements, both from the main plot and the sidequests. The way the story achievements are written, it implies there's something AFTER the end? If that's the case, should I not worry about getting all the achievements now before I go to the "last" bit?

I'm stuck. I need 50 more gold to advance the plot?

Your walkthrough is … gone? Which is unfortunate, because I'm stuck right at the very beginning.