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Mischief Maker.ogg is missing, so the new version of the game won't work.

I'm looking forward to your next release! :D

Itch app says it took about 3 hours? I know that at least once I saved and restarted so probably less than that. I don't think I found any bugs.

Let me know when you think you've got it fixed, and I'l try it again! :)

Uh, is the endless dragon-battle loop supposed to be happening? I keep defeating it and leveling…

I've had a lot of fun with this! I'd love to see the finished game.

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Uh… where is he, again?

Okay so I found it, I beat all the monsters in the houses and uh… I'm trapped?

Uh… I'm level 76, I have all the stones, and Rothrock just keeps telling me to remember my destiny. Did I miss part of the plot?

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Green Ghostslash costs 80 MP (or is it TP?)  instead of 50 MP. 

That's the only real bug I've seen so far.

Oh, maybe not a bug, but it's really hard to get 100 TP for Cecilia to use Berserker Slash, even when fighting a boss.

Okay, so I got the mushrooms for the mushroom guy in the forest but he doesn't know i have them?

Is there anything that increases chances of drops? I'm having trouble doing the quests that involve drops.

Thanks! I will try that.

Most of the necessary stock assets are missing.

I think I'm stuck; the red switch in the right area doesn't seem to work? The north and farthest east areas are blocked.

OH, okay. I thought it was a bug, and I was super frustrated that the game was so broken. Cool. I look forward to updates!

Yup, I'm on a Mac.  I dunno if the star showed up, but I'm guessing not; I'll try it again in a day or two and see if I can get out of the dang bathroom. :D

No, I fought her, and I beat her, but I can't leave. D:

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If you update this game, I would totally play it again! It's long enough that it's not a disappointment, with a great plot and a bunch of cool playable characters. 

For a free RPGmaker game, that's … actually pretty awesome. (I play a lot of free ones and sometimes there's no plot, or only one battle, or the writing is terrible, or… you get the idea.)

I would also beta test if you want to make a major change and have someone else check it out. :)

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I can't seem to equip my training cross?

Or… Now that I've managed my way through gym class with a scroll instead … I can't equip my school sword and shield.

Interesting. I earned 25 gold battling, a nice girl gave me 45 gold, my dad gave me 237 gold, and the mayor gave me 500 gold, for a total of … 447 gold. I would say something is wrong in how it's calculating how much cash I have.

(FYI, Mac and iOS aren't the same thing. Mac OS is the computer operating system, and iOS is for phones and tablets.)

I'm trapped in the bathroom!

Um, help?

Me too! When will there be a new build?

I finished the game; I really liked it!

Uh, a few thoughts: 

In the first forest, I had to flee a lot even though I'd ground my character to level 8. That one set of bad guys that was three enemies was too much for me.

I wish there'd been more shops in Chapters 2 and 3; I ended up with a ton of currency from grinding through the dungeons, but I had nowhere to spend it between battles.

Also, the Wind Talisman looks like an accessory that's also supposed to be a shield, but it can't be equipped as either by anyone in Al' Sharan.

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It looks like my Special attacks use both MP and TP instead of just TP. Is that your intention?

Also, and I don't know how easy this is to fix, but sometimes Illyana will attack something after it's dead -- for example, using a triple attack on two monsters, but slashing the first one twice, killing it on the first blow, and then hitting the second monster only once. I'm not sure how intelligently this bit of battle can be coded from your end, but it looks really weird for the end-user.

Okay, so I made it out to the rest of the map. I was wandering around, and killed the "get out" monster … except that even after it hit 0, I was still in battle for at least 3 turns. So I sat around recovering and occasionally hitting it… which eventually led to a game over. I'm thinking … that's not how this is supposed to go.

The Mac version won't run. Unraring it makes it come up shown up as damaged.

Faedon community · Created a new topic Wow!

I'm literally not even through the very beginning of the game and I'm very much enjoying it.

I'm slightly annoyed that so far all the good guys are white and male, but… Hell, I might pay to be an NPC if this game continues on as well as it's looking right now. :)

I definitely encourage you to make an expanded version of this game. It was really cool!


I kinda wish, given that it's just that 1 major battle, there was an easier way to change formation (the game didn't let me, but I did figure out how to heal between battles), and I wish I'd been able to level up my … everything. Next time, I guess I will only outfit the main battlegroup since there's no more money or supplies after that.

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Failed to load: 













(These at least doesn't break the game…)

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Okay, so this is interesting. There's a folder called AppTranslocation that has led to the files being in a read-only directory that even as admin, I apparently don't have the authority to change? I did change it in the game itself, but… it doesn't seem to matter?!

AHAHA, it's a new security feature. I had to strip out the quarantine. Let's see if that worked well enough.

Muaha! I suspected it was a perms issue. Okay, gonna see if that worked! :D

Um… it won't let me save? No error, just the buzzer.

Hooray! I look forward to it.

Have done so, thanks!

Nah, neither one of those are yours. One is from Katawa Shoujo, and the other is from Nomnomnami, which I should probably purge since it's acting funny. I'll try putting a folder next to the game and see if that helps, thanks!

Not from this game, as far as I can tell. I have two files in the "persistent" folder, and no folder or file named after this game.

Mac OS X High Sierra, latest update.