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So I just realized that unintentionally, all of the speakable main/secondary character of AEwVS characters (including Angell the protagonist) is very closely associated with a certain planet. The inner planets (not counting the moon) are the reoccurring commonly encountered characters, while the outer planets (and Pluto) are those who only appear in a single level and are more distant from the player in terms of hostile encounter and proximity to the school entrance. I really wanted to put Phonty on the list, but I just didn't know where to put him, maybe as Chiron, since it's between Saturn and Uranus.

Mr. Cleany-Clean: Mercury - Both of them are considered very swift and speedy. It is almost as if Cleany has his own wings like the winged messenger, Mercury himself. The Roman God Mercury is also the god of transportation, and what does Mr. Cleany-Clean do to you? Transport you, of course!

Viktor Hugo Strobovski: Venus - Despite being identified as a male, Viktor is shown to be charismatic, elegant, and extremely vain, like the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Viktor likes to see himself as "hot" as the planet itself, considering Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. He is also the most popular main star of the game, much like how Venus appears to be the brightest star in the night sky.

Angell/The Protagonist: Earth - You know, because humans, life, death, videogames, chosen ones, the good guy (girl). I think you get my point.

Albert the Bear: The Moon - Albert acts as a benevolent follower of guidance towards Angell, owing a great contribution to her aid and watching over her with care, very much like how the moon follows the Earth instead of the Sun, and has owed great contributions to the Earth's life and nature from above watching over it. He is also the closest person - in terms of fraternal bonding - to Angell, corresponding to the Moon's great proximity to Earth. Albert also kind of looks like a moon if you think about it.

Laura/Head Teacher: Mars - Despite being a woman, her temper is shown to be very fiery and short. She's very reactive and she's as cold as the planet itself. She's fierce and a savage like a warrior, like the god of war, Mars. Additionally Laura also has a red-colored second form like the red planet of rage.

Mr. Mix: Jupiter - I consider Mix as an outer planet, since he isn't really necessarily interacted with as much as the other 1st floor main enemies, and he only appears in the first level, not appearing in any subsequent levels, making him rather distant, but closer in comparison to other outer planet characters. They both possess the largest bodies in comparison to everybody else. Much like the Roman god Jupiter, he is quite patient and merciful with other mortals, but only to a certain limit. Eventually, both of them lose their sense of patience and mercy and seek out to punish and kill for having their wrath unleashed. Another detail, ironically speaking, is that Mix has two Great Red Spots on his cheeks.

Marzia V@@@@@@@@: Saturn - She can be considered the second outer planet, since she's farther away from the school entrance and the starting characters from the math level, and she's the next character you meet after all the other math level planet characters. Saturn is associated with agriculture, and Marzia's favorite snack, watermelons, play an important part in the agricultural market. The Roman god/titan Saturn, or Cronus was known for devouring his own god children, and what does Marzia do? Devour children of course! Also, she has one of the loudest and the most startling and terrifying jumpscares in the entire game, as well as possessing one of the creepiest kill tactics out of everyone else. If you've watched Youtube videos over the sounds of planets, you'll know that Saturn has one of the loudest, the creepiest, the most terrifying, and the most unsettling sounds of all the solar system's planets, which suits Marzia perfectly. 

Erie the Great Librarian: Uranus - What do Erie and planet Uranus have in common? Both of them are seen as a total joke, especially in the eyes of Viktor. Erie/Uranus is located even further away from Marzia/Saturn and most of the other character planets, due to her occupation at the rarely-treaded third floor and her incapability of making very close friendly bonds with the other staff members, with the small exception of Alice Freudenmacher, but that will be discussed later. Erie is also a bit of an airhead, alluding to Uranus being the Roman god of the sky and the heavens. Uranus represents inventiveness, which can be implied to be a trait of Erie in the possibly implied creation of Scrina by her. Uranus is also regarded as the "Ice Giant," and Erie is visibly seen as giant in terms of height, and cold to the people surrounding her when she's grumpy. Lastly, Uranus represents homosexuality, hermaphroditism, and gender fluidity. Erie is often implied to be a homosexual by many fans, usually shipping her with Alice Freudenmacher, and she even has a Jenny-the-Teenage-Robot body pillow, implying she may have a waifu attraction towards her.

Alice Loiza Freudenmacher: Neptune - The most distant planet and the most distant person from society and her colleagues. Beautiful as they both are, they both have a Great Dark Spot storming within them. Alice is hands down one of the darkest characters in the entire game like planet  Neptune itself, literally. They both also wear the same color, dark blue. Despite her loneliness, the closest thing to a friend she's ever had is Erie the Great Librarian, just like how the closest planet to Neptune is Uranus (Sailor Moon references anyone?). 

Helpscreen: Pluto - Even more isolated from everyone else than Ms. Freudenmacher is, Helpscreen takes the spot of Pluto. Neither of them are well-respected nor are they well-accepted much. Helpscreen's location is even more distant from the others', and it is questionable whether his hideout is even on school grounds (this makes his room seem like the Kuiper Belt of the school).

I still think Phonty should have made it somewhere on this list, but I just don't know where. If you have an ideas as to what should I have made Phonty as, maybe as Chiron, or if there is a character planet that you do not agree with, please comment down below. If you do think Phonty should be Chiron,  or another dwarf planet, or any other planet, please tell me down below.

I really like this post tbh! Characters and planets are perfectly fits))) 

And about phonty, if Uranus had recognizable moon like Eart's Moon, Phonty will fit.

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Dunno why but suddenly I imagined the ghosts as being the asteroids in the asteroid belt and Watcher as being...the Sun, I guess. IDRK. Also there are bigger and closer dwarf planets than Pluto, Pluto's just the most famous one. And that leaves Granny, Smile Wolf, Greg, Follower, FAD, AB, Doggos, the Puppet and the Priest. Who all of them have no displayed personality or anything soooooooooo... yeah.

I'll be honest, I'm surprised you just randomly came up with this like this and probably not just get the idea for a bit of it and totally study the rest.