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I'm still not buying the thing right now as i'm following Talent Lost's tactical tutorial (not the super hero one), which i assume this doesn't use data structures. So far i managed to get a motion planning grid working with objects that act as movable fields. I'll probably buy the thing if it doesn't have this such complex data structure-powered grid. How did you work on this engine? Data structures or without them?

I looked into the code a bit (was so long since I did this project I've forgotten how it works :P). The panels used for movement actually are objects, that's probably since it's mouse-controlled and I wanted an easy way to let you click on them. Enemies use them too, they're just deleting them right afterwards so they're not shown to the player. I do use queues and priority queues to order stuff, though, so if you absolutely don't wanna touch data structures this is a bit of a no go.