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Apology accepted... it's been like half a year, I'd forgotten all about the thing by now, don't worry :P Just learn from it and be careful about saying too harsh stuff in someone's face next time, I guess.

Sharing with a team would be acceptable, also it's in the EULA (the human-readable TLDR is something like "If one team member has a copy, everyone in the team can use it without having to buy their own copy"). There's a human-readable summary at the top, you could just read that if you wanna know about the rules, the legal text is mostly there  to legally protect me. It has to be there even if nobody is gonna bother reading it, that's the rules of this day and age...

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I'm still not buying the thing right now as i'm following Talent Lost's tactical tutorial (not the super hero one), which i assume this doesn't use data structures. So far i managed to get a motion planning grid working with objects that act as movable fields. I'll probably buy the thing if it doesn't have this such complex data structure-powered grid. How did you work on this engine? Data structures or without them?

I looked into the code a bit (was so long since I did this project I've forgotten how it works :P). The panels used for movement actually are objects, that's probably since it's mouse-controlled and I wanted an easy way to let you click on them. Enemies use them too, they're just deleting them right afterwards so they're not shown to the player. I do use queues and priority queues to order stuff, though, so if you absolutely don't wanna touch data structures this is a bit of a no go.