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I'm still not buying the thing right now as i'm following Talent Lost's tactical tutorial (not the super hero one), which i assume this doesn't use data structures. So far i managed to get a motion planning grid working with objects that act as movable fields. I'll probably buy the thing if it doesn't have this such complex data structure-powered grid. How did you work on this engine? Data structures or without them?

I'm sorry for being ignorant. I just have realized it is not nice to do a free edited version of a cheap .gmk file of 2 bucks.

I want to apologise for what i have said for being unrespective months ago.

When i said i wanted to make a "fork" or edit of your own engine and publicize it, i did not mean of actually keeping your assets. I assume you don't want me to publicise an edited version of your code as an edited engine.

I haven't bothered reading the license agreement, but to my realization i've noticed that i've done a mistake pretending that i should do a free edit of a really cheap .gmk source file. I'm really sorry. I'm not a great GML programmer and i still haven't bothered buying this thing, but i'll definitely do it one day, so let me just ask another question:

Could it be okay to use the engine privately with a devteam and release it without the source code included?

Doesn't actually matter anymore. I've got to know SRPG Studio rather than caring about this unfinished thing. Thanks anyway.

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Do you still support this engine? I'm quite a beginner at GM:S and understanding what is going on is really complicated for me. Hopefully, this would suit for beginners, and this is the only viable thing i can find about tactical game engines in GameMaker. 

I'm thinking of buying and using this as a base for a tentative Super Robot Wars engine, which means most of this engine's core stuff might be changed to implement a similar gameplay style of the SRW series. If i were to plan to make a public engine and release it for free for the public, am i allowed to release a engine that takes this as a base? 

Perhaps do you know the anime shown in the Hacker Heaven?