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Completeness - 3. Aesthetics - 2.5. Fun - 2.5. Innovative - 2.5. Scope - 2.5. Roguelike - 4

Fairly impressive for building from scratch in C++ for a 7 day deadline. (I bookmarked the Pixel engine for the future).

It's a fairly traditional type of title, but that's fine. 

If you're still interested in this project, I definitely encourage you to chip away on it. A few sound effects, and maybe a menu or two would help this idea out.

Thanks for submitting and hopefully you had some fun during the competition!


many thanks for your comment .. 

i choice always the most simplest solution, entity component system :
the most simplest solution to build map (random walker ) && generate monster (simple % )

and the most simplest i find ""IA"" ;-)   (hum ia .. hummm)